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Thursday, December 08, 2016

The Television

Television or the ‘idiot box ’ is one of the latest blessings of science. It is today no more a luxury but a necessity. It is an improvement on the radio. It combines both sight and sound. While sitting in our drawing room, we can enjoy film songs and music, listen to speeches, see exciting matches and enjoy national and international programmers. Television is an entertainer, educator and a third parent. It is an important means of information on different subjects. It takes us into a world of knowledge, beauty, glamour and charm. It broadens our outlook. While enjoying television, we forget the worries of life for some time. Its programmes include children’s films feature films, news, reviews, debates, interviews, discussions by experts, short one-act plays etc. it appeals to men of different tastes and temperaments. Housewives gain a lot from it. The T.V. is a source of advertisement and propaganda. We can promote communal harmony, national integration through it and fight for social and economic justice. On important festival days and other historical and national days, informative and interesting programmers are organised for out benefit. The T.V. is doing a great service in the field of education and research. During the election days in plays an important role. With the introduction of satellite transmission, television has reached almost every part of India. The government should take steps to see that the programmers are entertaining, educative and informative.

Life An Indian Village

                     “God made the country, man made the town.”

India lives in villages. It is here that our first forefathers lived. The village life has many charms. There are plenty of trees, fresh air and a lot of greenery. We can breathe in fresh air to our heart’s content. The villages abound in natural greenery. We can breathe in fresh air to our heart’s content. The villages abound in natural greenery. In the village, life is very peaceful, calm and quiet. The villagers have all the time at their disposal. On the other hand, the people living in cities are always in a hurry. They have no time to stand and stare at beautiful things or places. More so, people living in villages are simple in their ways and honest in their dealings. They lead a healthy and contented life. They live in the lap of nature. People enjoy themselves in the villages. Some sit in the shade of trees and gossip. Some sit at their tube wells and while away their time in leisure and pleasure. They are really innocent and simple-minded people. They have no craze for fashions. They do not run after the “cut” and the “latest style”. Village girls dance and sing folk songs. In short, villagers lead a happy, noble and virtuous life away from the dust and noise of the cities. It is a pity that the evils of the city life like hypocrisy, flattery, artificiality and cut-throat competition are fast entering the villages. All efforts must be made to retain the native character of village life. Let us hope that the purity and innocence of village life is not swept away by the air of materialism.

Life In A Big City

Life in a big city has a charm and beauty of its own. There is a world of difference between the life in a big city and the life in the country side. City life is fast, mechanical, artificial and materialistic. We cannot enjoy fresh and pure air, peace of mind or contentment as we can have in the countryside. Cities are overcrowded. But in spite of all these drawbacks, life in a big city has many advantages. We enjoy different comforts and facilities. There are cinema house, clubs, hotels and restaurant which provide us entertainment. There are adequate arrangements for education. We have schools, colleges, libraries and reading rooms which increase our knowledge. If we fall ill, we can go to a dispensary or hospital for medical aid. We have better means of conveyance and transport. We have post offices and telegraph offices from where we can send letters and messages to our friends and relatives. We can enjoy the benefits of coolers, refrigerator, colour televisions and videos. Policemen protect out life and property. In a city, we can enjoy different comforts and facilities which are no available in villages. Life in a big city is much better and more comfortable than life in a village. People today like to live in cities and do not believe in the dictum: ‘God made the country and man made the town.’

My Hobby

A hobby is a welcome diversion from the daily routine of life. Life today is very fast and mechanical. In fact, life would lose its charm if there were no free time. Everybody follows some or the other hobby in his of her spare time. Different people spend their free time differently. Some people collect old coins and stamps while others read novels in their spare time. A housewife may scribble a verse of two in her spare time while an office-hand may go out for a picnic on Sunday. I too follow a hobby. I love gardening.  Kitchen gardening is growing very popular these days. I have a piece of land attached to my house. I have enclosed it with a barbed wire. I have grown vegetables, glowers and fruit trees in my garden. I myself dig out beds, sow seeds and water the plants. I weed out sickly plants and spray pesticides on the living ones. I spend my pocket allowance on buying seeds and fertilisers. My parents encourage me in following my hobby. I have grown a variety of roses in my garden. I bagged the first prize at the Rose festival held in the city last year. I spend my free time in tending the plants. I sit in the shade of trees in summer and enjoy sunshine in winter. I read my lessons in my garden when I have no classes in the college. I like my hobby very much. I wish everybody followed some hobby to the other.

A Morning Walk

A morning walk is a very useful exercise taken in the early hours of the morning. It is time when the mind is fresh and the body is active. It is rightly said, “Early to bed and early rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Many people go out for a walk daily in the morning. I too go for a morning walk daily. One gets used to it wish the passage of time. It requires a lot of conditioning in the beginning. A morning walker takes delight in finding himself in the open on the familiar road at the appointed hour. I go up to the canal bank about two kilometres from the city. It is worth going and coming back before the day’s activity begins. It keeps one fit and active throughout the day. It also prevents body from bulging out. It keeps the throat clear and sets the pace of the morning walker. One inhales the fresh air of the morning in all its fresh glory. A morning walk gives mental poise and sharpens the perceptive power. Eyes get refreshed while looking at the green grass. Outside, nature is at its best at this hour. It is calm all around. Birds sing to the canal bank and sit there for some time. I take exercise for a few minutes. After an hour I come back home. A late-riser misses the charm of the morning walk. A morning walk thus becomes a fit prelude to the day’s work.

Monday, October 31, 2016


Fashions today rule the world. We are living in the age of fashions. Young boys and girls are mad after fashions. The word “fashion” is on the lips of every man, woman and child. After all, what is fashion? Oscar Wilde, declared, “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is whit other people wear.” Fashion, in fact, means to took to look attractive and beautiful. Even in the past young girls adorned themselves with all kinds of flowers and wreaths. A famous saying goes: “He or she who goes against fashion is himself or herself its slave.” No wonder young boys and girls have installed in their hearts gods and goddesses of fashion. Today, everybody likes to be in the swim of fashions. Young boys and girls try to look smart and active. College students are very particular about their dress. They spend more money on acquiring the latest “cut” and “wear” than they spend on books. Even elderly people try to look younger than their age. Boys keep long hair whereas girls go bobbed. The way they dress up and do their hair provoke laughter of the on-lookers. In fact we are becoming fashion addicts. The fashionable people vie with one another for the possession of modern gadgets like color T.V. mobiles and motor cars. The need of the hour is that people give up the craze for fashions. They may look smart but they should primarily be healthy, intelligent and well-poised.

An Indian Festival

India is a land of fairs and festivals. Diwali is a widely celebrated festival in the calendar of Indian festivals. It is the festival of the Hindus. It is called the festival of ‘diyas’ or ‘Deepmala’. It is celebrated in the moth of October or November every year. It marks the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom after an exile of fourteen years. They victory of Rama is a victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil. People light up their houses on the night of Diwali. Earthen lamps known as ‘Diyas’ burn throughout the night. Candles are lighted and arrayed on the front walls and projected places. People keep electric lights on throughout the night. Cities, towns and villages look like shining comets. The city of Amritsar in Punjab is beautifully decorated. People from different parts of the world come to see the Diwali of Amritsar. Sweets are distributed among friends and relatives on this day. Men and women put on colourful clothes on the day of Diwali. They greet one another and wish each other the blessings of Diwali. Children let off crackers, the noise of which continues til late onto the night. People keep their houses neat and clean. Some orthodox people believe that Lakhshmi, the goddess of wealth, visits a clean and well-lit house on the night of Diwali. Many people gamble on the night of Diwali. Money changes hands and  it brings ruin to certain families. The festival of Diwali leaves a long sweet echo behind.

Craze For Films

We are living in a fast changing world. With the advent of cinema and T.V means of entertainment have increased manifold. In the past, people collected at some place and talked. In villages, children collected on the green and played games in a circle. Life today has become very fast and mechanical. It is dull and boring at times. Now, people crave for some change to make their life rally spicy and enjoyable.of all the means of recreation, films come to our rescue in a big way. They are a big source of entertainment. Men, women and children, young and told, all go to see a movie at a theatre. We love films for their songs, dances and dialogues. Some people go there to see their favourite heroes and heroines in action on the screen. Others go there to forget all about their worries. Young boys and girls are crazy about films. They go to see the first show on the very first day. Students cut their classes to see the films of their choice. With the introduction of television and DVD player, young people remain glued to their T.V. sets for hours. Even grown-ups seem to be crazy about films. housewives neglect their household work to see films or enjoy film songs. Even the old do not shy away from T.V sets. Such is the craze of people for movies. At any rate, films offer us a good change from the duel routine of life. A tired man feels refreshed after seeing a good movie. Movies, no doubt, rule the roost today but crazy for films is something to be discouraged.

The Pleasure Of Reading Books

‘My never failing friends are they
with whom I converse day by day.’

Books are out never-failing friends. They are our constant and faithful friends. They stand by us in our weal and woe. Our friends may leave us in the lurch but books always stand by us. Our wealth may take wings but our books always remain out life-long companions. Once we read them, they become a part of our life. In fact, they are the milestones on the path of life. They remind us of important events in our life. They are the glory of every house. Books are written on a variety of subjects. They are the products of great brains. They contain the treasures of wisdom. They enrich our mind with knowledge and satisfy our thirst for intellectual and spiritual knowledge. They give us courage in moments of loneliness and despair. They widen our outlook and give us a new direction in life. They world of books is, in fact, very large. Much depends upon the selection of books. Good books take us on to the right path of life. On the other hand, cheap books lead us astray. So, we should be quite wary while choosing books. It is only good books which open before us the windows of knowledge and lay before us the pearls of wisdom. They give us the secret of living on this earth. They console us, guide us and rebuke us when we are in the wrong. So, the pleasures of reading books are many.

Life In A College Hostel

A hostel is a place which provides boarding and lodging to the students. Life in a college hostel has many advantages. In a hostel students can read without any disturbance. They can develop a spirit of competition. Life in a college hostel is marked by regularity. Student observe a fixed time-table. They learn discipline and develop the spirit of brotherhood. When their fellow students fall ill, they nurse them . Thus life in a college hostel develops a spirit of co-operation. It broadens the outlook of the students. It provides them better opportunities to develop the spirit of service and sacrifice. Friendship formed in a college hostel continues throughout life. Hostel life provides facilities for physical exercise. Students develop organising capacity here. They arrange different functions. On the whole, life in a college hostel develops the personality here of the students. It builds their character. But life in a college hostel has its dark side too. It is costly. Some students become homesick and do not take interest in their studies. Some students fall into bad company and ruin their career. But life in a college hostel is new experience in one’s life. It is a blessing, a joy, a lesson and a great responsibility. Everybody should be made to stay in a hostel for limited period. Hostel life is a real lesson in corporate living.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Your College Canteen

The college truck shop is the most haunted place during the recess or the vacant periods. Every college has its canteen,big or small. Our College truck shop is situated in one corner of the college. It is housed in are-bricks building consisting of three small rooms and a big dining hall. The canteen contractor is a very fine person. He has two assistants to help him in canteen. He does not sale tell articles. The rate list of article is always displayed on the notice board there is a proper cleanliness in our truck shop. Student taken tea in the hall room while teachers go and sit in small rooms. The principal takes around of the canteen once or twice in a week. Students discuss teachers, books and fashions over a cup of tea. Sometimes, they create a scene in the canteen. The canteen contractor controls the situation in his own way. At the same time of some functions, the canteen is decorated like a newly married girl. Students love to visit the canteen  in their free periods. Our college truck shop sells fruits, sweets, ice cream, cold drinks besides tea and coffee. Welcome and farewell parties are arranged round the year the canteen. The college truck shop is good meeting place. There is a great hustle and bustle at the canteen. Students drown their class mates worries into a cup of tea for sometimes. They go back fresh to the classrooms. Thus the college truck shop occupies a place a pride in our college.

Our College Library

A library is the heart and soul of an institution. It is the storehouse of books and repository of knowledge. Our college is located in the heart of the city. It is housed in a palatial building with a large and very good library. The library has got two reading rooms adjoining a hall for boys and girls. The staff has a separate reading room. Student and teacher visit the library in their free period. The librarian of our collage is a well qualified and experienced fellow. He has two assistants to help him in the library. Our college library has more than twenty thousand books concerning almost all walks of life, like philosophy, fine arts, religion, science, general knowledge,etc. The books are properly catalogued and arranged subjects-wise. There is an open system in our college library. Books are issued to students in their turn. Each student can draw two books  from their library for a fortnight. Our college library contributes to as many as fifteen journals and magazines in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Besides this, newspaper in vernacular and in English are also available in the college library. It is a great fun to visit the library. The reading hall remains crowded with the reader. The new arrivals in shining title cover attracts the attention of the readers. A library thus provides mental food and up-to-date information to the readers. A visit to the library is thus very rewarding.

The Pleasure Of College Life

College life has joy, romance, beauty and attraction of its own. It is an enjoyable period. There is a would of difference between the school life and the college life. In a school, students are just like birds in a cage. They are afraid of their teachers and have no freedom of movement or liberty of speech. But in a college the students are relatively free. They have the liberty to think, feel and state their opinion. They meet professors on equal footing. The atmosphere of freedom has a healthy influence on the young minds. Students dress themselves in the best of clothes and wander about like peacocks. A college is a nursery of fashions, particularly in dress. College life provides an opportunity to the students to develop their personality. They take part in various academic and cultural activities. They develop the capacity to organise functions and participate in them. College life develops their head and heart. It is one of the most important periods when students can develop their hidden talents. Someone has rightly said that there is no knowledge without college. It is actually the seed-time in the life of a student. It paves the way for a prosperous and healthy life in the years to come. Those who make the best of their time at college find sauces waiting for them. An idler or time-killer repents in his future life. So the pleasure of college life can at best be translated into a better future.

A Football Match

Games and sports are an important part if life. Life would be dull without games. In fact, life itself is a game. I love to play games. Football is my favourite game. Last Sunday, my friend and I went to see a football match. It was played between out college team and the Government college team. It was played on our school ground. Both the teams were in uniforms. Both the teams were equally strong. The referee blew a long whistle. There was a toss. We won the toss. Both the teams took their sides. The match started. For some time, the game was slow. But soon it became very brisk. The ball was changing sides again and again. Our players moved as one man. They put up a good show. Then our captain got a chance. He kicked the ball so hard that it passed right through the goal posts. There were loud cheers from all sides. Our Players were mad with joy. Soon there was the interval. Both the teams were given light refreshment. Sides were changed after the interval. The referee blew the whistle and the match started again. The other team tried hard to equalise. But all their efforts were unsuccessful. The referee blew a long whistle. The match was over. Our team won the match by one goal. The students of our college were beside themselves with joy. The next day was declared a holiday. We came back home happily.

A One Day Cricket Match

Cricket has its own glories and wonders. It is really an interesting game. Nothing can be more exciting than a One-Day Cricket match between India and Pakistan. I was glued to the T.V. set right from the first half. I was disappointed and disgusted to find that the entire Indian team was bundled out for just 173 runs in 45.3 overs. The stadium was resounding with the shouts of ‘Pakistan zindabad.’ Pakistan’s green flag was in sight everywhere. India’s tricolour had simply vanished. Our fielders took the field. But the very first delivery by the opening bowler up-rooted Pakistani opener’s middle-stump. The Indian spectators work up. A few tri-colors popped up. But nothing happened for the next fifty runs until a young. Left arm spinner from South India, making a debut at Lahore, took over. This young boy brought about the collapse of Pakistan with two consecutive hat tricks. The stadium became  alive with slogans of ‘Hindustan Zindabaad’. The entire Pakistan team was out in just 35.2 overs for 172 runs. My father joined me in the patriotic dance of excitement in from of the T.V set. The young bowler who tore apart the Pakistani batting was declared ‘Man of the Match’. It was really an exciting and unforgettable match.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Kabbadi Match 

Games and sports are a part and parcel of life. In fact, they are as important as studies.  I love to take part in games. Kabbadi is my favourite game. Last Sunday, a Kabbadi match was played on the Mandi grounds. It was played between our college team and S.A. Jain College team. Our caption won the toss and selected of the side. The game started at 3.20 p.m. Our caption won the toss and selected the side. Our caption went  to the side shouting, “Kabaddi, Kabbadi”. Nobody came near him. He himself moved forward and touched a player. He came back without losing his breath. He won the first point. Then a player of the rival team took his turn. One of our players caught hold his right leg. He lost breath. The game went on for about an hour.the captain of the rival steam tried his best score maximum point. There were many ups and down in the game. We won and lost many points. At last, the referee gave the whistle. He counted the points and announced the results. Our team won the match by 62-58 points. It was a well contested match. The students of our  college raised shouts of joy. It was a golden  moment for us all. We were in high spirits. The principal of our college congratulated our players. He also applaud the players of the S.A jain college for their good performance. Both the team left the ground in good cheer.

 A Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is common sight in the street of every city in India. He can be seen at the bus stand, railway station and at every crossing. He works hard to earn his living. Sometimes, he goes without much work.he gets nothing for sitting idle. He often works from morning till evening. He knows no rest. Some rickshaw puller work even at night. They look cheerful. They indulge in merry jest with their rickshaws. But some passengers are very rude to them. They quarrel with them and refuse to pay the contracted fare. Some rickshaw pullers fleece ignorant passengers in a strange city. They follow bad ways of life. They waste their hard-earned money in gabbling and drinking. We come across all sorts of rickshaw puller. Some are good while others are bad. There are some educated rickshaw puller. They study during the day and work at night. They leave rickshaw pulling and get into some other job. Some people do not hire a rickshaw and prefer walking to going in a rickshaw. They think that the job of rickshaw pulling is inhuman. On the whole, rickshaw puller leads a very hard life. The government should take steps to improve his lot. Their little machine can be motorised. They can be given loans to buy auto-rickshaws. Rickshaw pulling by man must be done away with.

The Person You Do Not Like 

Everybody has his likes and dislikes. There is something in a person you like while there is something in him you do not like. But there are some  people whom just cannot like. One certainly avoids such people. Mr. Wigwag is one such person. He is a bog bore. Whenever you see him,you find him biting his nails with his teeth. He never brushes his teeth and he seldom take a bath. The moment he opens his mouth, you feel offended. In fact, he carries a foul smell wherever he goes. In conversation, too, he shows no manners. He goes on speaking without any rhyme or season on every topic under the sun. He is not prepared to listen to anybody else. He thinks that his viewpoint is always correct and that others are in the wrong. He is also in the habit of boasting about his ability and achievements. He is a big gossip. Ask his about anything, he will weave a long yarn. He paints himself the hero of his make-believe plot. When he is told to his face that it is a cock and bull story, he starts twisting the facts. In fact, telling lies is not his craft. He simply bores you. He has no moral sense. He carries tales against others and is censured in return. That is why I always avoid his company. 

A Modern Girl

A modern girl is modern in all aspects. On the positive side, she is aware of her rights. She wishes to get higher education in order to earn her living.l she is no way Less than a boy of her age. She excels in all examinations, sports and cultural activities and in different professions. She is no longer a puppet in the hands of ma, nor is she just a kitchen maid or a sex doll. She refuses to dance to the tune of man. She is educated and enlightened. She can compete with man in all spheres of life. She is bold enough to take part in functions with or without the company of man. She can travel in busses, trains or aeroplanes without any escort. Nothing is impossible for her and nothing is beyond her reach. She is bold enough to take part in functions with or without the company of man. She can travel in busses, trains or aeroplanes without any escort. Nothing is impossible for her and nothing is beyond her reach. She wants to be a judge, a magistrate or an I.A.S. officer. She wants equal opportunities. The negative side of a modern girl’s character can be seen in a newly acquired pride and arrogance. Some girls, for example, think only of new dresses, cosmetics and romance. This, however, appears to be a passing phase. It is a competitive world. Girls will have to compete with boys to find a proper status for themselves in years to come. They are actually on the verge of a bold advance. They will one day show the path of peace to the world. A modern girl has thus found her place in the citadel of the man-made world.

An Indian Farmer

India is a land of villages. Agriculture is a major profession in this country. A farmer, therefore, occupies a very important place in out social set-up. He is the backbone of our country. Hard work , patience and honesty are some of the features of his character. He suffers so that his countrymen many prosper. He is a very useful member of our society. He work hard, sheds his sweat and blood for the sake of his countrymen. He grows food grains, vegetables and fruits for us to eat. He grows cotton from which clothes are made. His work is very heavy. He works from morning till evening. His hard work and open air life make him stout and strong. He leads a simple life. He knows a lot about the quality of land, seeds, manure and sowing, watering and reaping of crops. He has now started using modern methods of agriculture. His food and dress are quite simple. He puts on light clothes. He is frank, straight-forward, loving and innocent. He has a reasonably good income. He spends lavishly on marriages and other celebrations and is often under debt. Our government has been trying to improve his lot. He is no longer illiterate and superstitious. He is a respectable figure. He richly deserves a place of honour in society. An Indian farmer is, in fact, the backbone of the Indian nation.

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