Saturday, October 08, 2016

 A Rickshaw Puller

A rickshaw puller is common sight in the street of every city in India. He can be seen at the bus stand, railway station and at every crossing. He works hard to earn his living. Sometimes, he goes without much work.he gets nothing for sitting idle. He often works from morning till evening. He knows no rest. Some rickshaw puller work even at night. They look cheerful. They indulge in merry jest with their rickshaws. But some passengers are very rude to them. They quarrel with them and refuse to pay the contracted fare. Some rickshaw pullers fleece ignorant passengers in a strange city. They follow bad ways of life. They waste their hard-earned money in gabbling and drinking. We come across all sorts of rickshaw puller. Some are good while others are bad. There are some educated rickshaw puller. They study during the day and work at night. They leave rickshaw pulling and get into some other job. Some people do not hire a rickshaw and prefer walking to going in a rickshaw. They think that the job of rickshaw pulling is inhuman. On the whole, rickshaw puller leads a very hard life. The government should take steps to improve his lot. Their little machine can be motorised. They can be given loans to buy auto-rickshaws. Rickshaw pulling by man must be done away with.


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