Sunday, February 03, 2019

One Word Substitutes-3

1. Policy of  of extending a country's empire and influence.

a) Imperialism                       b) Capitalism

c) Internationalism                d) Communism

2. Government by a single person

a) Monarchy                         b) Autocracy

c) Plutocracy                        d) Aristocracy

3. Practice of married woman having extra martial relationship

a) Polygamy                         b) Puberty

c) Lechery                            d) Adultery

4. A workman who fits and repairs pipes

a) Mechanic                         b) Blacksmith

c) Plumber                           d) Technocrat

5. Part of a church in which bell hang

a) Minaret                            b) Chapel

c) Belfry                              d) Spire

6. Mania for balking

a) Logo-mania                     b) Pyromania

c) Biblomania                      d) Dleptomania

7. The custom of having more than one husband at the same time.

a) Polygamy                        b) Polyandry

c) Debauchery                     d) Bigamy

8. An extremely deep crack or opening in the ground

a) Chasm                              b) Aperture

c) Ditch                                d) Pit

9. The study of ancient societies

a) History                             b) Anthropology

c) Ethnology                        d) Archaeology

10. The foolish belief that one is God

a) Blasphemy                       b) Theocracy

c) Paranoia                           d) Theomania


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