Wednesday, April 24, 2019

One Word Substitutes-11

1. 'A person who is new to any profession'

a) New comer                         b) New

c) Non-veteran                       d) Novice

2. 'One who speaks many languages'

a) Linguist                              b) Lapidist

c) Polyglot                              d) Expert

3. 'One who hates mankind'

a) Misanthropist                      b) Atheist

c) Thirst                                  d) Philanthropist

4. 'One who is a habitual drunkard'

a) Sot                                      b) Drunkard

c) Altruist                               d) Fatalist

5. 'One who does not take any intoxicating drinks'

a) Usurer                                 b) Sot

c) Saint                                    d) Teetotaller

6. 'One who is an expert or a critical judge of any art and craft'

a) Artist                                   b) Expert

c) Sculptor                               d) Connoisseur

7. 'One who walks during one's sleep'

a) Soundsleep                         b) Sleep-walker

c) Somnambulist                    d) Stoic

8. 'A person who is indifferent to pleasure and pain'

a) Altruist                                b) Stoic

c) Painless                               d) Fatalist

9. 'A person who amuses himself by flirting with women'

a) Philanderer                          b) Womanist

c) Lover                                   d) Feminist

10. 'One who can use left hand and right hand equally well'

a) Efficient                               b) Artist

c) Altruist                                 d) Ambidextrous


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