Friday, October 05, 2018

History Set-3

1. The great Royal Road mentioned by Megasthenes ran from

a) Prayag to Ujjaini 

b) Pataliputra to Taxila

c) Pataliputra to Prayag

d) Indus to Pataliputra

2. In which century did Ashoka reign?

a) Third century B.C.

b) Third century A.D.

c) Second century B.C.

d) Second century A.D.

3. Ashoka's claim of greatness chiefly laid in the 

a) Extensive conquests

b) Exclusive patronage to Buddhism

c) Strengthening of army

d) Promotion of welfare of his people

4. Who among the following has been called the Napoleon of India?

a) Harshavardhana

b) Samudragupta

c) Chandragupta

d) Ashoka

5. During whose rule Mughal Empire reached its territorial zenith

a) Shah Jahan

b) Jahangir

c) Akbar

d) Aurangazeb

6. Aurangzeb was died in 

a) 1701                   b) 1704

c) 1705                   d) 1707

7. Who was the Jats leader?

a) Churaman

b) Arjun Singh

c) Gopala

d) Nagabhatta

8. Who abolished Tuladan and Jharokha darshan?

a) Babar

b) Akbar

c) Aurangzeb

d) Sher shah

9. Who gave death sentence to Sambhaji?

a) Akbar

b) Aurangzeb

c) Jahangir

d) Humayun

10. Aurangzeb Annexed Bijapur to his empire in 

a) 1690                   b) 1680

c) 1686                   d) 1692

Answers: - 1. d)  2. a)  3. d)  4. b)  5. d)  6. d)  7. a)  8. c)  9. b)  10. c) 


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