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History of Punjab (Set-2)

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History of Punjab (Set-2)

23. Which of the following towns is associated to the Indus valley civilisation?

a) Fatehgarh Sahib                                      b) Patiala

c) Roopnagar                                               d) Bhathinda

24. In the heirarchi of the Janam sakhies, the latest that emerged was, that of

a) The Sakhi by Bhai Bala 

b) The Gyan Ratnawali 

c) The Meherban's Sakhi

d) The Adi Sakhies

25. Which of the given pairs about the Misis and their founder is not correct?

a) Faizalpuira - Nawab Kapoor Singh

b) Kanhaiyya - Jai Singh

c) Bhangi - Chajja Singh

d) Shukarchakiyya - Jassa Singh Ahluwalia 

26. Which of the followings edited/complied the Dasam Granth?

a) Bhai Gurdas                            b) Guru Arjan Dev 

c) Guru Gobind Singh                 d) Guru Teg Bahadur

27. Who is the founder of the Sikh religion ?

a) Guru Angad dev Ji 

b) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

c) Guru Gobind Singh Ji

d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

28. When was Guru Nanak Dev Ji born?

a) April 15, 1469 AD.       

b) May 16, 1471 AD.

c) May 5, 1479 AD.  

d) September 24, 1534 AD.

29. What was the name of the mother of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

a) Mata Sulakhani                            b) Mata Gujari 

c) Mata Tripta                                  d) Mata Ganga

30. At what age did Guru Nanak Dev Ji undertake the job of a herdsman?

a) At the age of 15 years

b) At the age of 20 years

c) At the age of 13 years

d) At the age of 12 years

31. What was the name of the elder sister of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

a) Bebe Nananki                            b) Bibi Bhani

c) Mata Bhani                                d) Bibi Kaulan

32. At what age, did Guru Nanak Dev Ji refuse to wear the janeyu?

a) 20 years                                       b) 10 years

c) 30 years                                       d) 12 years

33. What was the name of the Pandit who instructed Guru Nanak Dev Ji to wear Janeyu?

a) Pandit Dayal                                  b) Pandit Daya

c) Pandit Ram                                    d) Pandit Hardayal

34. Which were the major communities/dominating, on the eve of Guru Nanak's Birth?

a) The British Community

b) The Hindu and the Muslim Community

c) The Christine Community 

d) The Mughal Community 

35. In whose company did Guru Nanak Dev Ji initiate the first Udasi?

a) Bhai Bala                                b) Bhai Mansukh

c) Bhai Lehana                            d) Bhai Mardana

36. At which place did Guru Ji preach the tradition of true Aarti?

a) Jagannath puri                   b) Haridwar

c) Delhi                                 d) Mathura

37. What is called the tenth part (tieths) of the earnings by a sikh, which is spent in the interest of the religion?

a) Earnings                                  b) Dasvand

c) Kirat                                        d) Distribution

38.What was the name of the messenger of the ruler of Amenabad?

a) Mardana                                 b) Bhai Bala

c) Malik Bhago                          d) Sajjan

39. Where did the Sajjan Thug (sharper) use to live?

a) Talumba Village                      b) Rai Bhoyen

c) Lamma Pind                            d) Multan

40. Who did invite Guru Nanak Dev Ji to dine for Brahm Bhoj?

a) Sajjan                                  b) Malik Bhago 

c) Carpenter                            d) Nawab Daulat Khan

41. What was Bhai Lalo by his profession?

a) Carpenter                              b) Businessman

c) Mason                                   d) Tailor

42. Where did the pandit, named Kaljug use to live ?

a) Delhi                              b) Jagannath Puri

c) Mathura                         d) Haridwar

43.Which Bani is that, where the discussion among the yogies from Achal Vatale has been registered?

a) Siddh Goshat                            b) Soheley

c) Jap                                            d) Alahunian

44. How many years towards the last days of his age did Guru ji spend in Kartapur Rakuba?

a) Ten years                                b) Eighteen years

c) Twenty years                          d) Two years

Answers:- 23. c)  24. b)  25. d)  26. c)  27. b)  28. a)  29. c)  30. d)  31. a)  32. b)  33. d)  34. b)  35. d)  36. a)  37. b)  38. d)  39. a)  40. b)  41. a)  42. b)  43. a)  44. b)


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