Tuesday, October 16, 2018

History Set-11

1. The battle of Wandiwash was fought between

a) Nizam and French 

b) English and French

c) English and Hyder Ali

d) Nawab and English

2. Which of the following foreign countries had trade relations with Indus people?

a) Babylonia

b) Mesopotamia

c) Egypt

d) All of the above

3. Who among the following were the feudatories of Kalyani Chalukyas

a) Rashtrakutas 

b) cholas

c) Kalachuries 

d) Prathiharas

4. What was the period of Rajaram as King of Maratha kingdom?

a) 1678-1689

b) 1678-1699

c) 1689-1700

d) 1709-1723

5. What was the period of Sivaji II and Tara Bai as rulers of Maratha?

a) 1789-1799

b) 1734-1745

c) 1700-1707

d) 1701-1745

6. What was the period of Shahu as a king of Maratha kingdom?

a) 1709-1734

b) 1734-1756

c) 1707-1749

d) 1749-1756

7. What was the prod of Balaji Vishwanath as Peshwa of Maratha?

a) 1713-1720

b) 1723-1734

c) 1722-1743

d) 1745-1755

8. What was the period of Baji Rao I as Peshwa of Maratha kingdom?

a) 1780-1790

b) 1720-1740

c) 1788-1798

d) 1756-1787

9. The author of the book 'Arthashastra' is

a) Valmiki 

b) Adam Smith

c) Kautilya

d) Manu

10. Megasthenes wrote

a) TravSytels

b) Naganandam

c) Indica

d) Memoirs

Answers:- 1. b)  2. d)  3. c)  4. c)  5. c)  6. c)  7. a)  8. b)  9. c)  10. c)


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