Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Football Match

Games and sports are an important part if life. Life would be dull without games. In fact, life itself is a game. I love to play games. Football is my favourite game. Last Sunday, my friend and I went to see a football match. It was played between out college team and the Government college team. It was played on our school ground. Both the teams were in uniforms. Both the teams were equally strong. The referee blew a long whistle. There was a toss. We won the toss. Both the teams took their sides. The match started. For some time, the game was slow. But soon it became very brisk. The ball was changing sides again and again. Our players moved as one man. They put up a good show. Then our captain got a chance. He kicked the ball so hard that it passed right through the goal posts. There were loud cheers from all sides. Our Players were mad with joy. Soon there was the interval. Both the teams were given light refreshment. Sides were changed after the interval. The referee blew the whistle and the match started again. The other team tried hard to equalise. But all their efforts were unsuccessful. The referee blew a long whistle. The match was over. Our team won the match by one goal. The students of our college were beside themselves with joy. The next day was declared a holiday. We came back home happily.


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