Monday, October 31, 2016

Life In A College Hostel

A hostel is a place which provides boarding and lodging to the students. Life in a college hostel has many advantages. In a hostel students can read without any disturbance. They can develop a spirit of competition. Life in a college hostel is marked by regularity. Student observe a fixed time-table. They learn discipline and develop the spirit of brotherhood. When their fellow students fall ill, they nurse them . Thus life in a college hostel develops a spirit of co-operation. It broadens the outlook of the students. It provides them better opportunities to develop the spirit of service and sacrifice. Friendship formed in a college hostel continues throughout life. Hostel life provides facilities for physical exercise. Students develop organising capacity here. They arrange different functions. On the whole, life in a college hostel develops the personality here of the students. It builds their character. But life in a college hostel has its dark side too. It is costly. Some students become homesick and do not take interest in their studies. Some students fall into bad company and ruin their career. But life in a college hostel is new experience in one’s life. It is a blessing, a joy, a lesson and a great responsibility. Everybody should be made to stay in a hostel for limited period. Hostel life is a real lesson in corporate living.


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