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One Word Substitution in English - 

1. A speech made without any preparation.

a) Instant                          b) Expressive

c) Extempore                   d) Automatic

2. Mark or impression that cannot be erased.

a) Permanent                    b) Audible

c) Irrevocable                   d) Indelible

3. Voluntary giving up of Throne in favor of someone

a) Volunteering                 b) Abdication

c) Withdrawing                d)  Resignation

4. A remedy for all diseases

a) Panacea                        b) Narcotic

c) Creche                          d) Audible

5. Give added strength to

a) Strength                       b) Enforce

c) Additional                   d) Reinforce

6. Specialist in treating medical problems of old people.

a) Gynecologist               b) General physician

c) Geriatrician                 d) Obstetrician

7. a doctor train to deal with the birth of children...

a) Gynecologist               b) Children's Specialist

c) Geriatrician                 d) Obstetrician

8. A sudden burst of anger or excitement Among many people.

a) Furore                         b) Public fury

c) Oust                            d) Rage

9. One who treats ailments of the feet

a) General physician   

b) Foot-specialist

c) Chiropodist

d) Geriatrician   

10. A group of people who work together for a single cause.

a) Assembly                  b) Crowd

c) Team                         d) Crew

11.'An organized group of people during manual work'

a) Crowd                       b) Gang

c) Assembly                  d) Crew

12. 'A strong decision'

a) Courage                   b) Resolve

c) Gang                        d) Grit

13. A person who pays too much attention to social position

a) Artist                        b) Politician

c) Criminal                   d) Snob

14. The practice of having more than one wife at the same time

a) Monogamy                b) Polyandry

c) Double marriage       d) Polygamy

15. A place for ammunition and weapons

a) Arsenal                       b) Godown

c) Granary                      d) Storehouse



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