Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Your College Canteen

The college truck shop is the most haunted place during the recess or the vacant periods. Every college has its canteen,big or small. Our College truck shop is situated in one corner of the college. It is housed in are-bricks building consisting of three small rooms and a big dining hall. The canteen contractor is a very fine person. He has two assistants to help him in canteen. He does not sale tell articles. The rate list of article is always displayed on the notice board there is a proper cleanliness in our truck shop. Student taken tea in the hall room while teachers go and sit in small rooms. The principal takes around of the canteen once or twice in a week. Students discuss teachers, books and fashions over a cup of tea. Sometimes, they create a scene in the canteen. The canteen contractor controls the situation in his own way. At the same time of some functions, the canteen is decorated like a newly married girl. Students love to visit the canteen  in their free periods. Our college truck shop sells fruits, sweets, ice cream, cold drinks besides tea and coffee. Welcome and farewell parties are arranged round the year the canteen. The college truck shop is good meeting place. There is a great hustle and bustle at the canteen. Students drown their class mates worries into a cup of tea for sometimes. They go back fresh to the classrooms. Thus the college truck shop occupies a place a pride in our college.


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