Thursday, December 08, 2016

Life In A Big City

Life in a big city has a charm and beauty of its own. There is a world of difference between the life in a big city and the life in the country side. City life is fast, mechanical, artificial and materialistic. We cannot enjoy fresh and pure air, peace of mind or contentment as we can have in the countryside. Cities are overcrowded. But in spite of all these drawbacks, life in a big city has many advantages. We enjoy different comforts and facilities. There are cinema house, clubs, hotels and restaurant which provide us entertainment. There are adequate arrangements for education. We have schools, colleges, libraries and reading rooms which increase our knowledge. If we fall ill, we can go to a dispensary or hospital for medical aid. We have better means of conveyance and transport. We have post offices and telegraph offices from where we can send letters and messages to our friends and relatives. We can enjoy the benefits of coolers, refrigerator, colour televisions and videos. Policemen protect out life and property. In a city, we can enjoy different comforts and facilities which are no available in villages. Life in a big city is much better and more comfortable than life in a village. People today like to live in cities and do not believe in the dictum: ‘God made the country and man made the town.’


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