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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Punjab Current Affairs January To September 2021

1. From January 2021 to December 2021, total of How many meters will be installed across the under Smart Power Meters project ?


A. 87,000

B. 43, 000

C. 96, 000

D. 55, 000

2. Which portal has been launched by the Punjab Government for e-filing of consumer complaints by citizens/advocates ?


A. E- Dakhil

B. E- Suvidha

C. E-Suraksha

D. E-Shikayat

3. Lala Lajpat Rai who is also Known as Punjab Kesari, his Birth anniversary is observed on which date ?


A. 28 January

B. 30 January

C. 31 January

D. 27 January

4. To provide 100 percent potable pipes water supply in all rural households by which year ,Punjab has launched Har Ghar Pani , Har Ghar Safai mission ?


A. 2021

B. 2022

C. 2023

D. 2024

5. Which mission has been launched by Punjab to facilitate villagers to monetize property rights and availing benefits provided by government departments , institutions and banks in all villages across the state ?

A. Sarathi

B. Akansha

C. Launch Pad

D. Lal Lakir

6. Reserve Bank of India has roped in which Punjabi rapper for an awareness campaign on cyber fraud ?

A. Honey Singh

B. Viruss

C. Jazzy B

D. Badshah

7. Two new Kendriya Vidyalayas will be opened in Karnataka and Punjab . In Punjab it will be opened at which place ?

A. Ropar

B. Amritsar

C. Mohali

D. Chandigarh

8. Punjab government has launched UN Women to provide training to girls and provide placements ? 

A. Takshzilla

B. Stem

C. Techshiksha

D. Drishti

9. Which was declared as the best police station of Punjab by the Ministry of Home Affairs ?

A. Badhni Kalan , Monga

B. Sadar Rampura , Bathinda

C. Model Police Station , Barnala

D. Police Station Cantonment , Amritsar

10. Punjab has launched a mobile application to give people digital access to the state government’s directory ?

A. E-Dakhil

B. DigiNest

C. PR Insight

D. Check In

11. Punjab has dedicated which month to girl child ?

A. January

B. February

C. March

D. April

12.Under the Dhiyan Di Lohri scheme , the Punjab government provided an incentive of how much to the women and girl children in the state ?

A. Rs. 4100

B. Rs. 1100

C. Rs. 1200

D. Rs. 5100

13. Which scheme was launched by the Punjab Government for slum dwellers?

A. Ghar

B. Basera

C. Makaan

D. Niketan

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