Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Person You Do Not Like 

Everybody has his likes and dislikes. There is something in a person you like while there is something in him you do not like. But there are some  people whom just cannot like. One certainly avoids such people. Mr. Wigwag is one such person. He is a bog bore. Whenever you see him,you find him biting his nails with his teeth. He never brushes his teeth and he seldom take a bath. The moment he opens his mouth, you feel offended. In fact, he carries a foul smell wherever he goes. In conversation, too, he shows no manners. He goes on speaking without any rhyme or season on every topic under the sun. He is not prepared to listen to anybody else. He thinks that his viewpoint is always correct and that others are in the wrong. He is also in the habit of boasting about his ability and achievements. He is a big gossip. Ask his about anything, he will weave a long yarn. He paints himself the hero of his make-believe plot. When he is told to his face that it is a cock and bull story, he starts twisting the facts. In fact, telling lies is not his craft. He simply bores you. He has no moral sense. He carries tales against others and is censured in return. That is why I always avoid his company. 


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