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History of Punjab (Set-4)

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History of Punjab (Set-4)

69. Prior to become the Guru, which name had Guru Agand Dev Ji been known with?

a) Bhai Lahana                                b) Bhai Bala

c) Bhai Mardana                              d) Khadag Singh

70. What is called as the Punjabi script?

a) Gurmukhi                           b) Punjabi

c) English                               d) Persian

71. Who did recognise the Gurmukhi script as a free-script at first?

a) Guru Angad Dev Ji                            b) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

c) Guru RamDass Ji                               d) Guru AmarDass Ji

72. who founded the discipline in the Langer system?

a) Guru Angad Dev Ji                         b) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

c) Guru Amar Dass Ji                         d) Guru Ram Dass Ji

73. Who used to carry out the community kitchen (Langer) management during the time of Guru Angad Dev Ji?

a) Mata Sulakahani                                 b) Mata Khivi

c) Mata Sahib Kaur                                 d) Mata Gujari

74. How many shabads did Guru Angad Dev Ji composed in all?

a) 95                                      b) 70

c) 63                                      d) 60

75. When did Guru Angad Dev start the construction of Goindwal?

a) In 1546 AD.                          b) In 1530 AD

c) In 1495 AD                           d) In 1390 AD

76. After having been defeated by Shershah Suri, Which way did Humayun face towards?

a) Multan                                        b) Mathura

c) Lahore                                        d) Sialkot

77. how many paise did Guru Angad Dev offer and paid obeisance to the successor?

a) Two Paise                                    b) Three Paise

c) Ten Paise                                     d) Five paise

78. Who did Guru Angad Dev Ji resolve to appoint as his successor?

a) Guru Amar Dass Ji

b) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

c) Guru Gobing Singh Ji

d) Guru HarRai Ji

79. Who old was Guru Amar Dass during his accession to the Gurgaddi?

a) 45 years                             b) 73 years

c) 60 years                             d) 80 years

80. Where did Guru ji get constructed the Baoli containing water ?

a) at Tarantaran                                 b) at Anandpur

c) at Goindwal                                  d) at Amritsar

81. When did the construction-work of the Baoli come to the end?

a) in 1559 AD                                      b) in 1530 AD

c) in 1439 AD                                      d) in 1465 AD

82. How many steps did Guru Amar Dass Ji get constructed to the staircase, that of the way to the Baoli?

a) 72                                       b) 84

c) 60                                       d) 46

83. Which Mughal emperor had to dine the meals at the Langer, before appointing his meeting with Guru Amar Dass ji?

a) Akbar                                           b) Jehangir

c) Aurangzeb                                    d) Shahjehan

84. Into how many divisions did Guru Amar Dass ji divide the spiritual empire?

a) 18                                 b) 22

c) 10                                 d) 12

85. Who did lay the foundation of Amritsar?

a) Guru Angad Dev                          b) Guru Amar DAss

c) Guru Ram Dass                            d) Guru Arjan Dev

86. Which Sikhs did Guru Ram Dass ji depute for the excavation of the tank at Santokhsar?

a) Bhai Gurdas                                b) Baba Buddha Ji

c) Bhai Lehana                                d) Prithi Chand

87. When was the foundation of the holy tank of Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar laid?

a) 1577 AD                               b) 1492 AD

c) 1306 AD                               d) 1608 AD

88. When did Guru Ram Dass Ji leave for his heavenly abode?

a) 1491 AD.                              b) 1508 AD

c) 1398 AD                               d) 1581 AD

89. When was the construction of Harmandar Sahib accomplished?

a) 1503 AD                         b) 1601 AD

c) 1588 AD                         d) 1531 AD

90. By Whom did Guru Arjan Dev ji get lay the foundation of Harmandar Sahib ?

a) Guru Ram Dass Ji

b) Sain Miyan Meer

c) Guru Angad Dev 

d) Guru Amar Dass

91. Which Guru Sahiban did undertake the compilation of the bier Guru Granth Sahib?

a) Guru Ram Dass

b) Guru Amar Dass

c) Guru Nanak Dev

d) Guru Arjan Dev

92. In which town did Guru Arjan Dev ji get built the Baoli?

a) Lahore                       b) Multan

c) Punjab                       d) Sialkot

Answers:- 69. a)  70. a)  71. b)  72. c)  73. b)  74. c)  75. a)  76. c)  77. d)  78. a)  79. b)  80. c)  81. a)  82. b)  83. a)  84. b)  85. c)  86. b)  87. a)  88. d)  89. b)  90. b)  91. d)  92. a)    


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