Monday, October 31, 2016

Craze For Films

We are living in a fast changing world. With the advent of cinema and T.V means of entertainment have increased manifold. In the past, people collected at some place and talked. In villages, children collected on the green and played games in a circle. Life today has become very fast and mechanical. It is dull and boring at times. Now, people crave for some change to make their life rally spicy and enjoyable.of all the means of recreation, films come to our rescue in a big way. They are a big source of entertainment. Men, women and children, young and told, all go to see a movie at a theatre. We love films for their songs, dances and dialogues. Some people go there to see their favourite heroes and heroines in action on the screen. Others go there to forget all about their worries. Young boys and girls are crazy about films. They go to see the first show on the very first day. Students cut their classes to see the films of their choice. With the introduction of television and DVD player, young people remain glued to their T.V. sets for hours. Even grown-ups seem to be crazy about films. housewives neglect their household work to see films or enjoy film songs. Even the old do not shy away from T.V sets. Such is the craze of people for movies. At any rate, films offer us a good change from the duel routine of life. A tired man feels refreshed after seeing a good movie. Movies, no doubt, rule the roost today but crazy for films is something to be discouraged.


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