Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Pleasure Of College Life

College life has joy, romance, beauty and attraction of its own. It is an enjoyable period. There is a would of difference between the school life and the college life. In a school, students are just like birds in a cage. They are afraid of their teachers and have no freedom of movement or liberty of speech. But in a college the students are relatively free. They have the liberty to think, feel and state their opinion. They meet professors on equal footing. The atmosphere of freedom has a healthy influence on the young minds. Students dress themselves in the best of clothes and wander about like peacocks. A college is a nursery of fashions, particularly in dress. College life provides an opportunity to the students to develop their personality. They take part in various academic and cultural activities. They develop the capacity to organise functions and participate in them. College life develops their head and heart. It is one of the most important periods when students can develop their hidden talents. Someone has rightly said that there is no knowledge without college. It is actually the seed-time in the life of a student. It paves the way for a prosperous and healthy life in the years to come. Those who make the best of their time at college find sauces waiting for them. An idler or time-killer repents in his future life. So the pleasure of college life can at best be translated into a better future.


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