Tuesday, October 16, 2018

History Set-8

1. The chief of the Aryan clan 'Rajan' got income from 

a) Bali

b) Bhaga

c) Chouth

d) a) and b)

2. What was the main occupation of Aryans?

a) Agriculture and cattle rearing

b) Fishing

c) Trading

d) Fishing and Trading

3. The first round table conference took place in London in 

a) 1936

b) 1930

c) 1932

d) 1935

4. Who was the founder of the Gadar Party?

a) Harnam Singh

b) Govind Singh

c) Chandra Sekhar

d) Lala Hardayal

5. Who was the first president of Muslim League?

a) Ali Jinnah

b) Viqua-ul-Mustaq Hussain

c) Muhammad Sayyad

d) Abdullah Shah

6. Telegraphs were introduced in India in

a) 1822

b) 1853

c) 1834

d) 1876

7. The first Huna invasion took place during the period of 

a) Samudragupta

b) Chandragupta II

c) Skandagupta

d) Kumaragupta

8. Who was the leader of Hunas?

a) Gondophernes

b) Toramana

c) Moas

d) Rudradaman

9. Harsha as a follower of 

a) Jainism

b) Shaivism

c) Buddhism

d) Vishnavism

10. Hiuen Tsang wrote a book called

a) Si-yu-ki


c) ra-ki-sa

d) Tsa-ki-ya

Answers:- 1. d) 2. a)  3. b)  4. d)  5. b)  6. b)  7. c)  8. b)  9. c)  10. a)


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