Thursday, December 08, 2016

My Hobby

A hobby is a welcome diversion from the daily routine of life. Life today is very fast and mechanical. In fact, life would lose its charm if there were no free time. Everybody follows some or the other hobby in his of her spare time. Different people spend their free time differently. Some people collect old coins and stamps while others read novels in their spare time. A housewife may scribble a verse of two in her spare time while an office-hand may go out for a picnic on Sunday. I too follow a hobby. I love gardening.  Kitchen gardening is growing very popular these days. I have a piece of land attached to my house. I have enclosed it with a barbed wire. I have grown vegetables, glowers and fruit trees in my garden. I myself dig out beds, sow seeds and water the plants. I weed out sickly plants and spray pesticides on the living ones. I spend my pocket allowance on buying seeds and fertilisers. My parents encourage me in following my hobby. I have grown a variety of roses in my garden. I bagged the first prize at the Rose festival held in the city last year. I spend my free time in tending the plants. I sit in the shade of trees in summer and enjoy sunshine in winter. I read my lessons in my garden when I have no classes in the college. I like my hobby very much. I wish everybody followed some hobby to the other.


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