Sunday, September 09, 2018

Current Affairs Set-7

1. Recently, which among the following countries has launched "Yaogan XX" a remote sensing satellite to carry out scientific experiment and provide early alerts about natural disasters?

a) Japan                                  b) Russia

c) China                                 d) USA

2. Recently, the World Health Organisation has issued an international health emergency over Ebola outbreak. Ebola virus was first discovered in which country ?

a) Guinea

b) Democratic Republic of Congo

c) Nigeria

d) Ghana

3. Red Sanders (Pterocarpus santalinus), which has been classified as endangered in 1997 IUCN red-list is endemic to which state?

a) Andhra Pradesh                    b) Tamil Nadu

c) Karnataka                             d) Kerala

4. Under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, India had agreed to phase out use of endosulfan by the year.....?

a) 2015                                     b) 2017

c) 2018                                     d) 2020

5. When the moon is in its full moon stage and its closet point to earth on its elliptical orbits then phenomenon is called.....?

a) Supermoon                          b) Blue Moon

c) New Moon                          d) Lunar Eclipse

6. Which among the following monuments is the top earning mounument in the country?

a) Qutab-Minar                        b) Taj Mahal

c) Humayun Tomb                   d) Red Fort

7. Recently, which among the following countries has planned "Lights Out" event to mark the centenary of World War I ?

a) Germany                             b) Britain

c) France                                 d) USA

8. Recently, which among the following countries has launched a mission to map the Arctic seabed to support its bid to extend its territory up to the North Pote ?

a) Russia                                b) Canada

c) Denmark                           d) USA

9. The "Lomonosov Ridge", is an unusual underwater ridge located in the..............?

a) Mediterranean Sea             b) Arctic Sea

c) Atlantic Sea                       d) Baltic Sea

10. Tata and Singapore International Airlines Ltd (TSAL) have recently announced brand name of its new airline will be.............?            

a) Vibgyor                             b) Vistara

c) Flyeasy                              d) Airmate

Answers:- 1. c)  2. b)  3. a)  4. b)  5. a)  6. b)  7. b)  8. b)  9. b  10. b)


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