Monday, September 17, 2018

Current Affairs Set-16

1. Which among the following is not one of the major objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity?

a) Conservation of biological diversity

b) Sustainable use of components of biological diversity

c) Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources

d) Promote ecotourism to fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas

2. Recently, which among the following countries has passed a law authorizing children to work from age 10 and became the first country to make work by 10 year old legal ?

a) Bolivia                    b) Nigeria

c) Bosnia                     d) Tanzania

3. The "Bonalu" is a famous folk festival celebrated in which among the following states of India ?

a) Kerala

b) Telangana

c) Karnataka

d) Maharashtra

4. Which among the following organization release the "Global Gender Gap" report from time to time?

a) World Economic Forum


c) World Trade Organisation

d) World Bank

5. Which among the following is the most dangerous part of the Ultraviolet Rays?

a) UV-A                       b) UV-B

c) UV-C                       d) UV-D

6. Which one of the following acts of Islam (Five Pillars of Islam) mandates paying alms tax to benefit the poor and needy ?

a) Shahadah                b) Salat

c) Zakat                      d) Sawm

7. Recently, Which among the following Asian Countries has allowed foreign banks to won 100 percent ownership of banks?

a) Philippines

b) Singapore

c) Sri Lanka

d) Bangladesh

8. Which one of the following is not a Millennium Development Goals that were established by United Nations in 2000 ?

a) To Eradicate Extreme Poverty 

b) To Combat HIV/AIDS Malaria and other diseases

c) To Promote Gender Equality

d) To Eradicate HUman Trafficking

9. According to a latest study, which among the following diseases is emerged as the biggest killer in India ?

a) Malaria

b) Tuberculosis


d) Dengue

10. According to a United Nations latest report India has the sixty highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. As per the report country which highest number child marriage is........?

a) Niger                    b) Bangladesh

c) Chad                    d) Mali

Answers:- 1. d)  2. a)  3. b)  4. a)  5. b)  6. c)  7. a)  8. d)  9. b)  10. a) 



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