Friday, September 14, 2018

Current Affairs Set-11

1. Which one of the following pairs of 2014 Ramon Magsaysay winner and country is not correctly matched?

a) Randy Halasan - Philippines

b) Saur Marlina Manurung - Indonesia

c) Hu Shul - Singapore

d) Omar Khan Masoudi - Afghanistan

2. The National Statistical Commission was set up on the basis of recommendation of which committee ?

a) Abhijit Sen Committee

b) Rangarajan Committee

c) Tendulkar Committee

d) Verma Committee

3. According to latest Economic Census released by National Statistical Association, which state has emerged top among states having more household enterprises ?

a) Haryana                       b) Maharashtra

c) Tamil Nadu                 d) Karnataka

4. The Citizen Foundation, which has been chosen for prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award - 2014 is based in which country ?

a) Australia                   b) Pakistan

c) Norway                     d) China

5. Recently, India and which one of the following countries agreed to update the Tready of Peace and Friendship 1950 ?

a) China                        b) Pakistan

c) Nepal                        d) Bangladesh

6. Who among the following has been chosen for the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak award for 2014 ?

a) Aravindh Kejriwal

b) Avinash Chander

c) E Sridharan 

d) K Radhakrishanan

7. Jacques Kallis, who announced his retirement from all formats of international cricket recently, is a greatest all rounder of all times, belongs to which country ?

a) Australia                              b) New Zealand

c) South Africa                        d) England

8. Recently, Muhammad Fuad Masum has been elected as President of ................?

a) Argentina                             b) Chile

c) Iraq                                      d) Niger

9. The Indian Navy has recently commissioned a new state-of-the-art "very low frequency (VLF)" transmitting station at INS Kattaboman in ..........?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Gujarat

d) Karnataka

10. Recently, India has agreed to lend $ 69 million grant to supply iodated salt to curb iodine deficiency disease in which country ?

a) Sri Lanka                          b) Mali

c) Nepal                                d) Kenya

Answers:- 1. c)  2. b)  3. c)  4. b)  5. c)  6. b)  7. c)  8. c)  9. a) 10. c)


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