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Invensions and Discoveries (Set-2)

26. The velocity of light was first measured by 

a) Einstein                       b) Newton 

c) Romer                         d) Galileo

27. Who proposed the chemical evolution of life?

a) Darwin                           b) Lamarck

c) Oparin                            d) Haeckel 

28. The telephone was invented by

a) John Logie Baird     

b) Alexander Graham Bell 

c) Thomas Alva Edison

d) James Watt

29. Who among the following evolved the concept of relationship between mass and energy?

a) Einstein                                  b) Planck

c) Dalton                                    d) Rutherford

30. March the following columns ;

Column I                              Column II

A. Radioactivity                   1. Planck

B. Periodic Table                  2. Thompson

C. Quantum Theory              3. Rutherford 

D. X-rays                              4. Mendelef

                                              5. Roentgen
                                              6. Becquerrel

a) A-1, B-3, C-5, D-2

b) A-6, B-5, C-3, D-5

c) A-3, B -2, C-1, D-5

d) A-6, B-4, C-1, D-5

31. Match the following columns :

a) Marconi                                1. Radio 

b) Darwin                                  2. Natural selection theory 

c) Laennec                                 3. Orthogenesis theory 

d) Baird                                     4. Stethoscope 

                                                  5. Television 

a) A-1, B-3, C-4, D-5

b) A-5, B-4, C-3, D-2

c) A-1, B -2, C-4, D-5

d) A-3, B-5, C-2, D-4

32. Robert Koch worked on 

a) Tuberculosis                     b) Cholera

c) Malaria                             d) Diabetes

33.Who discovered Uranus?

a) Herschel                       b) Galileo

c) Copernicus                   d) None of these

34. Who among the following is associated with the invention of  Computers?

a) Edison                                  b) Charles Babbage 

c) MacMillan                           d) J.L.Baird

35. Alfred Nobel is associated with the invention of 

a) Cosmic rays                        b) Dynamite

c) Dynamo                              d) Penicillin

36.Funk Discovered 

a) Proteins                             b) Vitamins

c) Enzymes                           d) Hormones

37. Who discovered 'Vitamin-D'?

a) Funk                            b) Charles Darwin

c) Hapkins                       d) Leeuwenhock

38. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

a) Heart Transplant Surgery -  Christine Barnard

b) Bacteria - Leeuwenhock

c) Vaccination - Edward Jenner

d) Rabies Vaccine - Alexander Fleming

39. The credit of inventing the 'Revalwar' is to 

a) Samuel Kolt                       b) SAmuel F.B. Morse

c) William Bullock                 d) David Bushnell

40. Who discovered sea route to India via Cape of Good hope?

a) Captain Cook                          b) Copernicus

c) Vasco De Gama                      d) Amundson

41. Who invented the 'Barometer' 

a) Fred Morrisson                 b) Torricelli

c) James Puckle                    d) Carlson

42. Insulin for Diabets is invented by

a) Edward Janner                     b) Alexander Fleming

c) E.F. Banting                         d) Hoffman

43. Thomas Alva Edison invented 

a) Electric Lamp                         b) Microphone

c) Transistor                               d) Fountain Pen

44. Who invented the Polio Vaccine?

a) Land Steiner                    b) Sigmund Freud

c) Jonas Salk                       d) Edward Jenner

45. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

a) Printing Press - John Gutenberg 

b) Transistor - Michael Faraday

c) Radiocrabon dating - Libby

d) Relativity theory - Einstein

46. X-ray was invented by

a) Henry Bessemer                          b) William K. Roentgen

c) Spangler                                      d) Karl Elsener

47. David Bushnell invented which of the following

a) Submarine                           b) Radar

c) Telescope                            d) Refrigerator

48. Atomic Bomb was invented by

a) Nicolas Cugnot                   b) John Harrison

c) Alva J.Fisher                       d) J.Robert Oppenheimer

49. 'Samuel Cohen' invented which of the following

a) Neutron bomb                   b) Neutron

c) Chronometer                     d) Gramphone

Answers:- 26. c)  27. a)  28. b)  29. a)  30. d) 31. c)  32. a)  33. a)  34. b)  35. b)  36. b)  37. c)  38. d)  39. a)  40. c)  41. b)  42. c)  43. a)  44. c)  45. b)  46. b)  47. a)  48. d)  49. a)


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