Thursday, March 16, 2017

Various Sciences

1. Philology is the 

a) Study of bones                          b) Study of muscles

c) Study of architecture                d) Science of languages

2. Anatomy is the branch of science which deals with

a) Structure of animals and plants

b) Functioning of body organs

c) Animal behaviour

d) Cells and Tissues

3. Study of earthquakes is known as

a) Ecology                     b) Seismology

c) Numismatics             d) None of these

4. Ecology deals with

a) Birs                            b) Cell Formation

c) Relation between organism and their environment 

d) Tissues

5. Meteorology is the science of

a) Weather                 b) Meteors

c) Metals                    d) Earthquakes

6. Oncology is the study of 

a) Birds                        b) Cancer

c) Mammals                 d) Soil

7. Study of life in outer space is known as

a) Endobiology                       b) Exobiology

c) Enterobiology                     d) Neobiology

8. Numismatics is the study of 

a) Coins                         b) Numbers 

c) Stamps                       d) Space

9. Evgenics is the study of 

a) Altering human beings by changing their genetic components

b) People of European origin

c) Different races of mankind

d) Genetics of plants 

10.  Orniothology is the

a) Study of bones                                b) Study of birds

c) Study of smells                               d) None of these

11. Entomology deals with 

a) Plants                                 b) Animals

c) Insects                               d) Chemicals

12. Epidemology is the study of 

a) Dermis Diseases                  b) Epidemic Diseases

c) Epidermis diseases              d) None of these

13. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

a) Zoology - A branch of biology that deals with animal life

b) Virology - The Science that deals with viruses

c) Oncology - The study of wine

d) Toxicology -  A branch of Pharmacology dealing with poisons and other toxic substances

14. Lithology is the Study of 

a) Characteristics of rocks

b) Bones

c) Elections and prediction of results

d) Mountains

15. The study concerned with the production, control and application of extremely low temperatures is called

a) Chorology                             b) Cryogenetics 

c) Cytology                               d) Cytogenetics

16. Study of Sound and Sound waves is known as

a) Astrophysics                    b) Acoustics

c) Sonalogy                          d) Hydrology

17. Which of the following is correctly matched?

a) Carpology - Study of fruits and seeds

b) Cardiology - branch of medicine dealing with heart

c) Phytology - Study of plants

d) All of the above are correct

18. Study of a branch of medicine dealing with the eye and its diseases is 

a) Ophthamology                             b) Oenology

c) Ontology                                      d) Optics

19. The study of Kidney diseases is called

a) Oncology                      b) Nephrology

c) Oology                          d) Sialogy

20. Theology deals with

a) Religions                          b) Animal life

c) Plants                               d) Bones

21. The study of Skulls is called

a) Conchology                      b) Ethology

c) Craniology                       d) Hygiene

22. A branch of medicine dealing with the immune system of the body is called as

a) Genetics                                       b) Immunology

c) Gynaecology                                d) Geology

23. Geology is the study of 

a) Chemical composition of the earth's crust 

b) Nature Knowledge

c) Trees

d) Physics of the earth

24. Optics is the study of

a) Plants                         b) Eye sight

c) Chemicals                  d) Diseases of teeth

Answers:- 1. d)  2. a)  3. b)  4. c)  5. a)  6. b)  7. b)  8. a)  9. a)  10. b)  11. c)  12. b)  13. c)  14. a)  15. b)  16. b)  17. d)  18. a)  19. b)  20. a)  21. c)  22. b)  23. a)  24. b) 


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