Tuesday, February 28, 2017

World's Superlatives

1. What is the biggest (in Areawise) country in the world?

a) China                  b) Canada

c) USA                    d) Russia

2. World's biggest pure water lake, 'Lake Superior' is situated in which country?

a) Russia                 b) Canada-USA

c) Brazil                  d) India

3. Which is the largest city (in Areawise) in the world?

a) New York             b) London

c) Tokyo                   d) Paris

4. Which is the largest Peninsula in the world?

a) South India                  b) Alaska 

c) Labrador                      d) Paris

5. Which is the longest river in the world?

a) Nile                          b) Amazon

c) Missisipi                   d) Volga

6. Which is the longest railway platform in the World?

a) Howra (India)

b) Kharagpur (India)

c) Vladi Vostak (Russia)

d) New York (U.S.A.)

7. Where is the world's largest solar electricity centre being built?

a) Oslo (Norway)

b) Tripoli (Libia)

c) Musket (Oman)

d) Moura (Portugal)

8. According to the reported by United Nations which is the World's highly populated city?

a) Tokyo                           b) Mexico City

c) New York                     d) Mumbai

9. On which river, China built World's biggest dam 'Three Gorges dam'?

a) Yangtze                         b) Hoyang Ho

c) Huan                             d) Mekong.

10. Where was the World's Highest and the Asia's longest 'Cable Car Porject' Built?

a) Ananth Nag                     b) Pahal Gao

c) Gulmarg                          d) Amarnath

11. In Which Country, the World's longest (9438 km) 'Trans Siberian Railway' is situated?

a) China                             b) Russia

c) U.S.A.                           d) Cananda.

12. Which is the biggest place in the world?

a) Saudi Amir Palace

b) Narayana hitha bhavan (Nepal)

c) Brunai Palace

d) Elsie Palace

13. Which is the biggest Library in the world?

a) United States library of Chennai( India)

c) Soviet Union Library of Congress (Russia)

d) None of the above.

14. In which country is the world's tallest water fall, "Angel water fall" situated?

a) Laos                        b) Tibet

c) Canada                   d) Venezuela

15. If World's highest rainfull registered is India's 'Masinram', then which is the hottest place?

a) Tripoli (Libia)

b) Al Ajijia (Libia)

c) Dokker(Senegal)

d) Lusaka (Zambia)

16. Which is the first Country to give right to vote for women?

a) Island                                           b) India

c) New Zealand                               d) U.S.A.

17. Which is the world's biggest Port City?

a) Washington                             b) New York

c) Tokyo                                      d) London.

18. Which is the world's highest dam?

a) New Cronelia Tailings

b) Rohunsky 

c) Aswan Dam

d) Grand Dixence 

19. Where is the World's largest railway station?

a) Japan                       b) England 

c) USA                        d) Russia

Answer:- 1. d)  2. b)  3. b)  4. d)  5. a)  6. b)  7. d)  8. a)  9. a)  10. c)  11. b)  12. c)  13. a)  14. d)  15. b)  16. c)  17. b)  18. b)  19. c)


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