Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sobriquets (Places)

1. Where is the 'Isle of Pearls'?

a) Thailand                       b) Bahrain

c) Japan                            d) Switzerland

2. 'Roof of the World' is................?

a) Pamirs                             b) Prayaries

c) Himalayas                       d) Mount Everest 

3. Where is the 'Holy Land' of the World?

a) Amritsar                         b) Vatican

c) Palestine                         d) Egypt

4. Which Country is called the 'land of the Rising Sun'?

a) Japan                               b) Norway

c) Ireland                            d) Thailand

5. Where is the 'Playground of Europe'?

a) Belgium                      b) Switzerland

c) Los Angles                 d) None of these

6. Which is ' Forbidden City'?

a) Lhasa                  b) Ireland

c) Palestine             d) Vatican

7. Which is the 'City of Seven Hills'?

a) Himalayas                 b) Rome

c) Venice                       d) Mumbai

8. Which Place is called the 'Cockpit of Europe?

a) South-hall                   b) Bangalore 

c) Belgium                      d) Kent

9. Australia is known as the:

a) Land of Golden Fleece

b) Dependent Continent 

c) South Europe 

d) Richest Island

10. Which is the "City of Palaces"?

a) London                    b) Kolkata

c) Patiala                     d) Lucknow

11. Which is known as the "Eternal City"?

a) Amritsar                       b) Jerualem

c) Rome                           d) Palestine

12. 'Sick Man of Europe' is a Sobriquet of:

a) Turkey                       b) France 

c) South-hall                  d) Berlin

13. Which of the following is known as the 'City of Golden Gate'?

a) Amritsar in India

b) London in England

c) San Francisco in USA

d) San Francisco in Australia

14. 'Pillars of Hercules' is the nickname of:

a) Venice                 b) Stratis of Gibraltar

c) Natal                   d) None of these

15. Which is the 'World's loneliest Island?

a) Australia                  b) Tristan De Cunha

c) Nicobar                   d) Ivory Coast

16. Which of the following Country in known as 'Land of the Thunder Bolt'?

a) Taiwan                  b) Tibet

c) Bhutan                  d) Japan

17. Which City is called 'White City' Of Rajasthan:

a) Jaipur                       b) Jodhpur

c) Udaipur                   d) None of these

18. Which of the Following cities was known earlier as ' Pearl of the Antiles'?

a) Mumbai                 b) Cuba

c) Manila                   d) Shanghai

Answer:- 1. b)  2. a)  3. c)  4. a)  5. b)  6. a)  7. b)  8. c)  9. a)  10. b)  11. c)  12. a)  13. c)  14. b)  15. b)  16. c)  17. c)  18. b) 


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