Monday, February 27, 2017

India's Superlatives

1.In which state is India's largest Petrochemical complex situated?

a) Maharashtra                          b) Gujarat 

c) Asom                                     d) Bihar

2. In which state is the biggest waterfall, "Jog water fall" is situated?

a) Uttrakhand                        b) Maharashtra

c) Tamil Nadu                       d) Karnataka

3. In which city is India's biggest library "National Library" situated?

a) Chennai                              b) Mumbai

c) Delhi                                  d) Kolkata

4. In which state is India's biggest dome, "Gol Gumbaj", situated?

a) Karnataka                        b) Maharashtra

c) Madhya Pradesh              d) Bihar

5. In which state is India's biggest 'Jawahar Tunnel" situated?

a) Himachal Pradesh             b) Goa

c) Jammu-Kashmir                d) Maharashtra

6. Which is India's amost ancient Foot ball Tournament?

a) Rovers Cup                         b) Santosh Trophy

c) I.F.A. Sheild                        d) Durand Cup

7. Which is India's Longest dam?

a) Bhakra (on Satluz River)

b) Nagarujuna Sagar ( on Krishna River)

c) Hirakud (on Mahanadi)

d) Kosi dam (on Kosi River)

8. India's Oldest church "Saint Thomas Church" Situated in?

a) Goa                                b) Kerala

c) West Bengal                  d) Asom

9. Which is the first metropolitan city in India, where the street lights are powered by Solar electricity?

a) Kolkata                             b) Delhi

c) Bangalore                         d) Mumbai

10. Which is the police station that is first to get ISO recognisation in India?

a) Midnapur Police Station

b) Udaypur Police Station

c) Jeedimetla Police Station

d) Chitrakut Police Station

11. Which is India's City to get first Wireless internet connectivity service?

a) Mysore                              b) Bangalore

c) Delhi                                 d) Chandigarh

12. Where in India the first 'Yoga University' is established?

a) Delhi                                 b) Amarnath

c) Haridwar                          d) Jaipur

13. Which is the district in the world that created the record of being established first time to have complete E-network?

a) Malappuram (Kerala)

b) Coimbattore (Tamil Nadu)

c) East Godavari (A.P.)

d) Kharagpur (West Bengal)

14. In India which is the first district the got I.T. District status?

a) Malappuram                           b) Thrisur

c) Pattanam Thidha                    d) Palakkad

15. Which is the first village to have Solar electric lights?

a) Roorky (Uttranchal)

b) Panna (Madhya Pradesh)

c) Chaglokm Sar( Jammu Kashmir)

d) Javar (Rajasthan)

16. Which is the first ancient oil refinery to be discovered in 1835 in India?

a) Madhura ( Uttar Pradesh)

b) Digboy (Asom)

c) Halidya (West Bengal)

d) Panipat (Haryana)

17. In India which is the highy populated city?

a) Kolkata                               b) Mumbai

c) Delhi                                   d) Kanpur

18. In which city in India are biggest Botanical garden and the biggest Plantorium situated?

a) Kolkata                                b) Hydrabad

c) Mumbai                               d) Jaipur

19. The longest passenger rail route in India links 

a) Tiruvananthapuram and Jammu Tawi

b) Tiruvananthapuram and Guwahati

c) Jammu Tawi and Guwahati

d) Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari- Vivek Express

20. The oldest Hindu epic is

a) Ramayana                    b) Mahabharata

c) Mahabhasya                d) Ashtadhyayi

21. The Biggest port in India is

a) Cochin                          b) Calcutta

c) Mumbai                        d) Vishakhapatnam

Answer:- 1. b)   2. d)  3. d)  4. a)  5. c)  6. d)  7. c)  8. b)  9. a)  
10. a)  12. c)  13. a)  14. d)  15. c)  16. b)  17. b)  18. a)  19. d)  20. a)  21. c)


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