Friday, September 23, 2016


The Deputy Commissioner,
District K.

   Subject : Laying out a park of children.


I, on behalf of the people living in the city, request your to provide a park for the children of this city. I hope you will fulfill this long-felt demand.

It is an old town with changing conditions of life. New towns are coming up on new lines. This town remains old fashioned as it does not enjoy modern amenities of life. Children have no place to go to and so they keep playing in narrow city lanes and roads. This obstructs traffic and sometimes leads to accidents.

Childhood is said to be formative period in the life of a person. Children are the future citizens of the country. They should be allowed to develop both physically and mentally. It is, therefore, necessary that they get a proper climate and environment for their growth.

It is requested that a park for children may be provided. There is large piece of land lying vacant near the District Library. It can be acquired for the purpose. It will fulfill the need of the children of this city.

You will earn the gratitude of the people if early steps are taken for providing a park for children.

Yours faithfully,
Vanita Kapila.
August 20,20…


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