Friday, September 23, 2016

The Deputy Commissioner,
District H.
     Subject : Opening a Dispensary.


I, on behalf of the city, request you to initiate steps to open a dispensary for the people living in the city. The people will be grateful to your if you kindly fulfill this long-felt need.

This city is situated in an area declared backward by the government. But with the establishment of many industrial units, its population has increased. The city has only one hospital where people go for their treatment. It is far away from the main city and in the case of emergency, patients cannot get immediate treatment. Besides this, it remains over crowded all the time with patients. The doctors practicing in the city are mostly unqualified. They know little of medical science. They charge a lot of money from the ignorant patients. Chemists seem to be in league with these quacks.

The city is old-fashioned and its sanitary condition is far from satisfactory. With every change of season one disease or the other breaks out and tells upon the health of the people unawares. An old woman from Vijay Nagar breathed her last on the way to the hospital a few days back. People have to go to other big cities for treatment. 

It is, therefore, requested that a civil dispensary with at least fifty beds may be provided. It is proposed that the building of the dispensary may be raised on a piece of land lying vacant near the 

Town Hall.
Yours faithfully, 
Gagandeep Singh.
August 25,20….


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