Friday, September 23, 2016

15-A Ajit Nagar,
A B C City,
July 27,2016
Dear Mr. Ram Lal,

I shall feel obliged if you are kindly attended to some urgent repairs to the house I am occupying. I was three years back that repairs were undertaken by you.

The house stands badly in need of repairs. The roof of the kitchen is in bad shape. In the rainy season, it leaks badly. It needs immediate repairs as the rainy reason is about to set in. it becomes difficult to work in the kitchen during a shower. The roof of the living room was damaged badly during the last year’s heavy rains. Even now when it rains, water trickles down the sides of the wall. It has already damaged our furniture in the room.

The whole house needs general repair. The bath room walls remain damp. The plaster has started coming off. Many electric fitting have gone loose. The water pipe is rusted and cracked as a result of which water glows out at many places. The whole house needs white-washing. The compound wall has developed cracks. The main gate produces a strange sound. Most of the window panes are broken at many places.

Kindly send your men to take up repair work. I hope you will do the needful at the earliest and oblige.

Yours truly,
X Y Z.


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