Friday, September 23, 2016

Examination Hall,
X Y Z City,
July 29, 2016
The Principle,
….. college,
X Y Z City.

I am a student of B.A. Part II class of your reputed college. I seek your permission to point out some shortcomings in the college canteen. These defects are not hard to remove. A little care on the part of the canteen contractor and the care taker of the college can set things right.

It is an old college which enjoys a good reputation. It is a pity that the college canteen has lost its pristine glory. It is housed in a stuffy and unsafe room. It remains full of smoke all the time. There is no arrangement for proper ventilation in the canteen.

The furniture placed in the canteen is not adequate. Most of the students have to keep standing while taking their refreshments. The crockery used in the canteen is second-rate and needs to be replaced by a good one. The canteen contractor takes things for granted. He is a man of easy morality. He sells stale things and charges high rates for eatables.  His preparations are sub-standard.

There is no proper discipline in the canteen. Students are allowed to sit on for hours even though they have taken their refreshments. They gossip endlessly and fling remarks on serious students. The service in the canteen is also poor. Water remains collected in the porch of the canteen.

I humbly request you to use your good offices and take up immediate steps for bringing about necessary changes in the college canteen.

I hope that you will look into the matter personally.

Thanking you,
Yours obediently,


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