Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Ideal Student

An ideal student is the hope of the nation. He is not an idler who does nothing himself but expects other to help him. He lives up to his motto in life. He makes an all-round development of his personality. He starts his day on a cheerful and healthy note. He takes bath every day and devotes sometime daily to personal cleanliness. He is an early riser and tries to make the best of his time. He is the pride of his institution, the joy of his family and the wealth and future of his nation. He pays equal attention to all the subjects and does his home work daily. He does not shirk work. He bears a smiling face.he has pleasing manners. He shows regard for his class fellows. He holds his teachers in his teachers in high esteem. He is in the good books of his teachers. He has  real thirst for knowledge. He is popular with his class fellows. His teachers love him. He fights for truth and justice. He is punctual for his class and regular in his studies.he is a balanced personality with amiable ways and decent manners. He keeps himself abreast of the happenings that take place in the country and abroad. He has the courage of conviction. He is a true patriot and a citizen of the whole world. He brings good name to his institution and society. He is highly disciplined, truthful and honest in his dealing. In fact, he is an asset to the society he belongs to. On the whole, an ideal student is the shining star of his institution. 


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