Thursday, September 29, 2016

An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is the pride and wealth of the nation to which the belongs . He is, in fact, an asset to the nation. He is the true servant of his country. He obeys the rule of the law.he has in him the germs of a law abiding citizen. He does not live for himself alone. He has a sharp civic sense. He knows that rights and duties go hand in hand. He believes in the golden principle, “Live and let live.” He is broad-minded and is always prepared to help others. In a democracy, an ideal citizen is very hope of the country. He makes a proper use of his vote. He pays taxes and leads a peaceful life. He is a good neighbour and keeps a good well. He shares the joys and sorrows of his neighbours. He is loyal to his friends, community and country. He is out and out a patriot. He makes every effort to bring about unity and integrity in the country. He believes in international goodwill and world peace. He wants the good of humanity. He is a lover of humanity and the citizen of the world. He stand for justice and fair-play everywhere under the sun.he is always prepared to shed his blood for the sake of his society and his country. Free India wants such citizens as are ideal in every respect. Only then can Indian be proud of her people.


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