Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Postman

The Indian postman is a very familiar figure in cities and towns. In villages too the postman is a much sought after person. He is dressed in Khaki. He carries a leather bag on his shoulder. He is also seen on a bicycle. He moves from door to door and shop to shop. He I welcomed wherever he goes. He is greeted at every house door. People anxiously wait for the postman. They ask him about their letters and money orders. He is usually co-operative. Sometimes, he is angered by useless queries made by some people. He helps the illiterate women and men by reading their letters for them. He is very useful man. He knows the addresses of  the people living in his beat. He has a cheerful smile for those who greet him. He is frank and honest in this dealings. He carries both happy and sand news. He pauses on his way for a while to share joys and sorrows with the people he meets. He is otherwise calm, reserved and well-meaning. He is the key person of the postal department. He goes to deliver the mail in sun or shine. He is exposed to the rigours of weather. He gets a meagre salary. He finds it difficult to make both ends meet. Something must be done to better the lots of the Indian postman. The government must take steps to do something for him. He enjoys the sympathy of one and all.


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