Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Visit To A Hospital

Thomas Hardy wrote: ‘Life is dim vast vale of tears. Happiness is only an occasional episode in this general drama of pain.’ I was once again reminded of these lines when I went to call on my sick friend, Mr. X last Sunday in the local Government Hospital. My friend was lying in bed with a multifractured leg. He was writhing in pain. Al around him I could see a host of patients. Many of them were tied up with tractions, with steel needles put across their bones, and in heavy plaster. It was a terrible sight. I came out and was just dumb-founded to see a half-burnt young bride being carried on a trolly to the emergency operation theatre. Her parents were giving out a wailful cry. The smartly dressed nurses, the perfectly neat and clean corridors, the imposing building and wards, all these were a great consolation. At least they were doing their best to fight out disease, suffering and pain. But who could fight death? A dead body wrapped in white was lying in front of the one of the wards. It made a shudder go down my spine. Sad and sullen, like a young philosopher meditating on the futility of things, I traced my slow and heavy steps back to my place. I could not have a sound sleep in the night.


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