Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Scene At A Bus Stand

A scene at a bus stand presents a colourful spectacle. It presents not one but many scenes within a scene. A modern bus stand holds a mini bazaar that keeps the would busy during the long hours of the day. Passengers are seen pouring in and going out of the bus stand. A few days ago, I went to see my cousin off at the bus stand. We went to the concerned booking window and my cousin bought a ticket for his destination. As there was little time left for the bust to move, we stood scanning the view around us. Some people were boarding the busses while others were getting down. Coolies made money even for small suit cases which they would not allow to be kept inside the bus. Some people were taking tea or cold drink at begging for a coin or two. Somewhere in one corner, mother was meeting her daughter. It seemed they were meeting after a long time. We then saw a pick-pocket in the custody of a policeman on duty. In the motion, I said ‘bye’ to my cousin which he lovingly returned. Soon the bus was out of sight. Yet another bus came into motion. The circle goes on till late into the evening. An idler has an easy time at the bus stand. An hour at a bus stand provides and interesting study in men and women.


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