Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Visit To An Art Exhibition

Last Sunday, and exhibition of paintings by eminent painters was held in the Lions Club Hall in our town. I, along with my friend, Naresh, went to see it. All the walls of the Hall were covered with the paintings.  There was iron railing in front of the walls on every side. The spectators could see the paintings from a distance of ten feet. Some of the paintings exhibited were realistic while others were impressionistic. It was difficult to understand the abstract paintings. But the guides helped the spectators in understanding those paintings. In one huge painting, there was the face of a woman surrounded by hawks. It symbolized the  cruelty of the society towards the weaker sex. The painting of a row of camels in desert was very beautiful. There was a series of portraits and martyrs. The portrait of Shaheed Bhagat Singh was really marvelous. It seemed as if one were standing in front of the real figure in actual flesh and blood. The picture of a weak child sucking milk from the sunken breasts of his mothered was very touching. Some paintings belonging to a section on modern art were really difficult to understand. Everybody had his or her own interpretations of these paintings. This gave rise to a very lively and useful discussion on art. My visit to this exhibition was really memorable. 


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