Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Scene At A Railway Station

A scene at a railway station is very interesting and informative. It presents many scenes within a scene. It is a mini bazaar, a waiting room and a resting place. It keeps the little world busy round the clock. Trains keep running by day and night between important station. The Platform remains crowded with all shades of people. Big railway stations have more than one platform. Outside the platform, there can be seen long line of passengers before the booking windows. The waiting rooms are too often packed with people. Last Sunday, I went to see my friend off at the railway station. My friend purchased one ticket for Delhi and one platform ticket for me. Soon, we joined the flood of people of people at the platform across the bridge. Porters in red were seen carrying luggage on their heads. People were busy buying eatables which were selling like hot cakes. Some people were buying newspapers and magazines at the newspaper stands. A party of boys and girls was ready to board the train. In the meantime, the much awaited train came whistling. There was a great rush of passengers at the gates of compartments. Luckily, my friend got a good seat by the window. As the train steamed off, I waved my hand to my friend. He also did the same. In no time, the train was out of sight. As I turned my back, I saw that the train had taken away much of the glamour of the platform which looked somewhat deserted.


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