Friday, September 30, 2016

How I Caught a Thief

I think if somebody was to ask me what my most memorable movement has been so far I would definitely say it was the day I caught a thief.

It so happened that last night I went to bed early because I was feeling very tired. My father had gone out of station on a tour and mummy and I were in the house. My mother also decided to sleep in my room. After finishing all the household chores she came to the room and soon went off to sleep.

At about 2 a.m. I heard some soft sounds coming from my parent’s room. I looked through the key hole of the bedroom door and saw a shadow moving around the room. I realised at once that a thief had entered the house. I went back and quietly woke my mother and told her about the thief in hushed tones. She was very scared but somehow I got courage at that time and told her not to worry.

I went and bolted my parent’s bedroom from outside so that the thief would not be able to leave the room. I also locked the outer gate of the house so that even if the thief comes out of window, the grill of which he had broken to enter the room, he should not be able to run away.

Then I took my mother outside in the veranda and locked all the doors from outside. Now I raised an alarm. A large number of our neighbours come and stood outside the gate of our house. They formed a cordon. After this we rang the police. The police arrived very promptly and caught the thief. My presence of mind was appreciated and applauded by all. The police commissioner gave me a certificate and a prize at an impressive ceremony.


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