Friday, September 30, 2016

Five Places I Like Most

Man is a social animal and can feel at home in most places. I am also a social person and mix with all people and feel at home everywhere. There are however, five places I like the most.

Firstly, I like my home very much. It is the best place in the world for me. It reminds me of the saying:

East or west
Home, sweet home,
Is the best

Secondly, I like my school. I meet my friends in school, play and study with them, exchange gossip and eat Tiffin. School is a place which is going to enhance my personality. School changes the 
course of our lives.  It is here we learn subjects, languages about civilizations, manners and etiquette.

Thirdly, I like the temple. It is a place which gives time peace of mind. I am a religious person and I have firm faith in God. It is in the temple that we learn to appreciate all that God has given us.

Fortunately, I like the park near my house. My colony has many parks but the park adjacent to my house is the best. It is full of flowers, has a path for walkers and green grass and fountains. I go there every evening and spend time with my friends.

I also like to go to the railway station. This place is a source of great amusement for me. I love to see he hustle and bustle at the platform, the trains arriving and departing. People from all walks of life come here. They wear different dresses and speak different languages. A railway platform seems like a mini-India to me and is symbolic of national integration.


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