Sunday, September 25, 2016

An Extremely Cold Day In Winter

India is a land of extreme climates. In summer, It is very hot. In winter, it is biting cold. It was a bitterly cold day. The morning was icy cold and the sun was simply peeping out. It appeared that the warm rays of the sun would soon spread from everywhere to everywhere. But a saying goes that morning shows the day. The icy wind was getting every minute the better of the warmth of the sun. it cut one deep into the very marrow. Outside, the low sky began to drizzle. People were hurrying about with cheeks red, hands almost frozen. A few fortunate rich sitting at home drew closer to the room heater. Those out of doors cursed the weather. All of a sudden, there was hailstorm. It made things worse. The sun peeped out but was soon covered with mist and fog. Everybody longed for a sunny day. People tried to keep within doors. A poor homeless beggar looked almost frozen in the cold weather outside. An old man in the locality was reported dead. Afternoon came with all the more intensity of cold. The fury of the cold evening was unabated. There was no relief from the stinging wind that passed by. At night, people tried to feel the cosiness of the quilt. It was an extremely cold day in winter for years to come. 


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