Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Hot Day In Summer

India is a land of extreme climates. In summer, it is extremely hot in the plains. I remember one summer day that was really very hot. It was a sultry day in summer. It was very close and stuffy in the morning. Not a leaf stirred anywhere. It seemed as if the wind had conspired not to blow. Thick layers of dust were suspended in space. At noon, the sun peeped through the yellow layers of dust. There was no relief. The electric fans gave no air though they seemed to be moving. Birds flew for shelter and looked for water. The tap water was boiling. The tarcoal spread on the road melted at places. The ball of fire seemed to be hung in the sky. Sleep was out of question in such an intense hot weather. Everybody complained of the scorching heat. Ice was in great demand. Time hung heavy on all. What a terrible time it was ! I can never forget that day. It was late in the afternoon that there appeared a small patch of clouds in the sky. Soon, the clouds gathered in the sky. One could hear a strong wind whistling. A thunder storm was approaching. People came out of their houses and looked towards the sky. Birds could be seen flying about. Suddenly, it became dark. Nothing could be seen or heard. The black rain began to spatter down. It was a heavy downpour. The thirsty earth seemed to absorb rain water. It became cool and pleasant. It rained for full two hours. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief. Children came out and began enjoying the rain. In this way, the hot afternoon soon changed into a cool and refreshing evening.


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