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History of Punjab (Set-5)

93. In which year, by orders from the emperor Shahjehan the Baoli constructed at Lahore was filled with earth?

a) 1531 AD b) 1439 AD

c) 1445 AD d) 1628 AD

94. Who was appointed the head-priest at the time of prakash (opening) of the Guru Granth Sahib?

a) Bhai Gurdas b) Guru Angad Dev Ji

c) Mardana d) Baba Budda Ji

95. Which year was the comilation of the Adi Granth Sahib Completed?

a) 1502 AD b) 1498 AD

c) 1604 AD d) 1539 AD

96. What is the number of Bhagat, whose Bani has been quoted inthe Adi Granth?

a) 15 b) 20

c) 10                            d) 14

97. Where did the Guru ji instruct the sikhs go for horse trade to?

a) Peshawar                      b) Multan

c) Koita                              d) Sindh

98. Which of the Mughal emperors did Prithia, Brahmins and fanatic Muslims provoke? 

a) Akbar                            b) Jehangir

c) Aurangzeb                    d) Ashok

99. When did the Mughal emperor Akbar pass away?

a) 1407 AD                   b) 1605 AD

c) 1530 AD                   d) 1810 AD

100. Which Mughal emperor took over the regime after Akbar?

a) Ashok                       b) Shahjehan

c) Jehangir                    d) Aurangzeb

101. Who did give training of weapos to Guru Hargobind Sahib?

a) Pandit                          b) Quazi

c) Maulavi                       d) Baba Buddha Ji

102. What was the number of warriors in the army formed by Guru Hargobind Sahib?

a) 500                         b) 40

c) 200                         d) 100

103. Which was the fort got built to fortify the Amritsar city?

a) The Lahore fort       b) The Lohgarh fort

c) Aligarh                    d) Kesgarh

104. Who did undertake the editing-work of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

a) Guru Ram Dass Ji b) Guru Amar Dass Ji

c) Guru Arjan Dev Ji d) Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

105. Which guru Sahiban’s composition is the Anand Sahib?

a) Guru Nank Dev Ji b) Guru Angad Dev Ji

c) Guru Amar Dass Ji d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

106. Who is that guru, in whose darbar the two minstrels, Abdullah and Nattha Mal, used to inspire the Sikhs to become dauntless warriors?

a) Guru Ram Dass Ji b) Guru Gobind Singh Ji

c) Guru Hargobind Ji d) Guru Amar Dass Ji

107. The sixth guru of the Sikhs was:

a) Guru HarRai Ji              b) Guru Harkrishan Ji

c)  Guru Hargobind Ji       d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

108. Which Mughal emperor4 got martyred Guru Arjan Dev Ji?

a) Jahangir                       b) Aurangzeb

c) Shahjehan                   d) Humanyan

109. Who succeded Guru Hargobind Ji?

a) Guru Teg Bahadar Ji         b) Guru Arjan Dev Ji 

c) Guru HariRai Ji                d) Guru Harkrishan Ji

110. Which guru sahib spent the last day of his life time in kartarpur (Now in Pakistan)?

a) Guru Nanak Dev Ji b) Guru Amar Dass Ji

c) Guru Arjan Dev Ji d) Guru Harkrishan Ji

111. Where was Guru Arjan dev ji executed?

a) Amritsar                     b) Delhi

c) Lahore                       d) Panja Sahib

112. The eighth Guru of the Sikhs was?

a) Guru HarRai Ji            b) Guru Harkrishan Ji

c) Guru Hargobind Ji     d) Guru Teg Bahadar Ji

113. The name of the father of Guru Angad Dev Ji was?

a) Daya Ram                         b) Baba Feru Mal

c) Baba Radha Mal               d) Hukam Chan

114. Which of the Guru lived for a short time?

a) Guru Harkrishan ji           b) Gur HarRai Ji

c) Guru Gobind Singh ji      d) Guru Hargobind Ji

115. Which of the followings, was formerly, known as RamDaspur?

a) Tarn Taran               b) Kartarpur

c) Amritsar                 d) Hargobindpur

116. Who introduced the doctrine of “Miri and Piri”?

a) Guru Hargobind Ji               b) Guru Harkrishan Ji

c) Guru Gobind Singh Ji         d) Guru HarRai Ji

117. Who did compose the “Sukhmani Sahib”?

a) Guru Ram Das Ji              b) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

c) Guru Arjan Dev Ji            d) Guru Angad Dev Ji

188. Which is the Following Banies does open the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’ with?

a) Sukhmani Sahib               b) Asa Di Vaar

c) Japuji Sahib                      d) Anand Sahib

Answers :- 93. d)  94. d)  95. c)  96. a)  97. d)  98. b)  99. b)  100. c)  101. d)  102. a) 103. b)  104. c)  105. c)  106. c)  107. c)  108. a)  109. c)  110. a)  111. c)  112. b)  113. b)  114. a)  115. c)  116. a)  117. c)  118. c)


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