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History of Punjab (Set-3)

45. When did Guru Nanak Dev Ji leave this mortal world?

a) in 1539 AD.                                   b) in 1598 AD.

c) in 1421 AD.                                   d) in 1696 AD.

46. What did Guru Nanak Dev Ji preach to the public?

a) Observe starvation

b) Earn by sweat and share with others

c) Eat and do nothing 

d) Rob others of their money and be cruel.

47. What did Guru Nanak Dev Ji preach to the public on his arrival to Kartarpur?

a) to adopt agriculture

b) to do business

c) to meditate in god's name 

d) to do labour work

48. Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji a Social-reformer?

a) Yes                                                  b) No

c) Yes and No, both                             d) Can't say

49. In which year was District planning and development board established?

a) 1980                                     b) 1985

c) 1987                                     d) 1990

50. The "Bara Mah" composition is that of

a) Guru Arjan Dev Ji         

b) Baba Bulle Shah Ji

c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

d) Guru Amar Das Ji

51. Who had been the succesor of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

a) Guru Amar Dass Ji        

b) Guru Angad Dev Ji

c) Guru Ram Dass Ji

d) None of these

52. Who among the following Mughal emperors had Guru Nanak Dev Ji been the contemporary one?

a) Babur                                  b) Shahjehan

c) Akbar                                  d) Jehangir

53. Which direction did Guru Nanak Dev Ji underatke the first Udasi?

a) Toward South                                   b) Toward East

c) Towards West                                   d) Towards North

54. Which Guru sahib's birth place is Talwandi Saabo, which is now in Pakistan?

a) Guru Nanak                         b) Guru Angad

c) Guru Amardass                   d) Guru Ramdass

55. Which of the following Gurus composed the 'Japuji Sahib'?

a) Guru Nanak Dev Ji                        b) Guru Angad Dev Ji

c) Guru Amardass Ji                          d) Guru Ramdass

56. Who was the composer of the 'Asa Di Vaar'?

a) Guru Amar Dass Ji              

b) Guru Angad Dev Ji

c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

d) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

57. Where is the Gurudawara Ber sahib situated?

a) at Tarantaran 

b) at Nankana Sahib 

c) at Sultanpur 

d) at Amritsar

58. What is the other name of Panja sahib?

a) Chak Sri Ram Dass 

b) Hasan Abdal

c) Chuna Mandi

d) None of these

59. Which place is that, where Guru Nanak Dev Ji acquired the celestial knowledge?

a) Amritsar                           b) Sultanpur Lodhi

c) Nanksar                            d) Mukstar

60. Who introduced the Langer system ?

a) Guru Teg Bahadur 

b) Guru Arjan Dev Ji

c) Guru Ram Dass

d) Guru Angad Dev Ji

61. Who founded the 'Udasi Sect'

a) Bhai Bala                        b) Lakhmi Dass

c) Sri Chand                        d) Bhai Mardana

62. How many Udasies did Guru Nanak Dev Ji Undertake in all?

a) 3                                 b) 8

c) 4                                 d) 5

63. In the "Baburbani" there is mentioned the persecution by the soliders of the Babur upon the Indian citizens. Whose composition is "the Baburbani"?

a) Guru Angad Dev Ji

b) Guru Amar Dass Ji

c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji

d) Guru Ram Dass Ji

64. Which of the followings is not the Bani-Composition of Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

a) Japuji                                  b) Asa Di vaar

c) Jap Sahib                            d) Bara Mah

65. Whose devout was Mardana?

a) Guru Teg Bahadur Ji's

b) Guru Arjan Dev Ji's

c) Guru Nanak Dev Ji's 

d) Guru Gobind Singh Ji's

66. Which is the Guru known as the saviour of  "Tilak - Jannyu"?

a) Guru Hargobind        

b) Guru Teg Bahadur

c) Guru Arjan Dev 

d) Guru Gobind Singh

67. What was the motive of the "Manjies" in the "Sikh religion"?

a) To Deliver sermons

b) To have love for religion

c) To collect revenues.

d) To look after religious institutions

68. Which composition in the followings is said to be the outstanding masterpiece of  Sri Guru Nanak Dev?

a) Asa Di Vaar                       b) Bara Mah

c) Japuji Sahib                       d) Jap Sahib

Answers:- 45. a)  46. b)  47. d)  48. a)  49. c)  50. c)  51. b)  52. a)  53. b)  54. a)  55. a)  56. c)  57. c)  58. b)  59. b)  60. d)  61. c)  62. c)  63. c)  64. c)  65. c)  66. b)  67. a)  68. c)


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