Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Transport System (Set-3)

53. Of the following which Railway station in UNESCO world Heritage sites list?

a) Tilak memorial Terminus

b) Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

c) Trans Siberian Station 

d) New York Railway Station 

54. In Indian which port was constructed with the co-operation of Private Companies?

a) Kandla Port (Gujarat)

b) Haldia Port (West Bengal)

c) Ennore Port ( Tamil Nadu)

d) Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu)

55. Which of the following Port is called as 'Gateway of Karnataka?

a) Marmagoa Port)

b) New Mangalore Port

c) Mysore Port        

d) Nava Seva Port

56. Rajasansi Airport is located at which city?

a) Jaipur                         b) Bikaneer

c) Guwahati                   d) Amritsar

57. V.D. Savarkar International Airport is Located at which city?

a) Pune                              b) Portblair

c) Guwahati                      d) Jaipur

58. Of the following Inland waterways which is correctly matched?

a) NW-1 : Allahabad - Haldia Stretch

b) NW-2 : Sadiya - Dhubri Stretch

c) NW-3: Kottapuram - Kollam Stretch

d) All the above are correct

59. India's oldest Port ( estd. in 1870) is ? 

a) Chennai Port                        b) Kolkata Port

c) Kandla Port                          d) Ennore Port

60. Which is correctly matched ?

a) Golden Quadrilateral Project connects - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata

b) Nort - South project connects - Srinagar to Kanyakumari

c) East - West Porject connects - Silchar to Porbandar 

d) All the above are correct

61. What is most universal form of transport ?

a) Road                             b) River

c) Railway                        d) Pipeline

62. Which country has the largest network of high ways?

a) USA                            b) Russia

c) China                          d) India

63. Railway was first introduced in the year of 

a) 1853                             b) 1843

c) 1825                             d) 1815

64. The first railway was opened between

a) Stockholm and London

b) London and Cambridge

c) Cambridge and Darlington

d) Darlington and Stockholm 

65. Northern Trans-continental Railway runs between 

a) Seatle and New York 

b) San Francisco and Washington

c) Los Angles and New York

d) Halifax and Vancouver

66. The Big Inch Pipeline is located in the following countries

a) Russia                              b) China

c) Germany                          d) USA

67. Between which places the Big Inch Pipeline transport oil ?

a) Bern and Bonn

b) Xinhua and Canton

c) Gulf of Oman and Moscow

d) Gulf of Mexico and N.E. USA

68. What is the name of longest pipeline of the world?

a) The Golden Pipeline or Petrol Trans

b) The Tap Trans or Arab pipeline

c) The Big Inch Pipeline

d) The Carpathian Pipeline

69. The Kiel Canal Links

a) Black Sea to Mediterranean Sea

b) North Sea to Arctic Ocean

c) Amsterdam to Rotterdam

d) North Sea to Baltic Sea

70. Central Transcontinental Railway connects

a) Sanfrancisco to Yucatan

b) Vancouver to New York

c) New York to Sanfrancisco

d) Leningrad to Vladivostok

71. Which is one the busiest shipping routes of the World?

a) The Suez route

b) North Atlantic route

c) The Panama route 

d) The Pacific route

72. The Canadian - Pacific railway joins

a) Montreal to Halifax

b) Halifax to Ottava

c) Ottava to Vancouver

d) Halifax to Vancouver

73. Which is the busiest airport of the world ?

a) Heathrow                      b) Chicago

c) Tokyo                           d) Paris

74. Which is the busiest railway junction of the world ? 

a) New York                              b) Istambul

c) Chicago                                d) Moscow

Answers:- 53. b)  54. c)  55. b)  56. d)  57. b)  58. d)  59. b)  60. d)  61. a)  62. a)  63. c)  64. d)  65. a)  66. d)  67. d)  68. b)  69. d)  70. c)  71. b)  72. d)  73. a)  74. c)


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