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Transport System (Set-1)

1. Which of the following is the largest employer in India?

a) Food Corporation of India

b) Posts and Telegraphs Department

c) Indian Railways  

d) Steel Authority of India

2. The breadth of the railway broad gauge is approximately

a) 2.00 m                          b) 1.83 m

c) 1.676 m                        d) 1.33 m

3. Passenger carriages for the Indian Railways are built in 

a) Chittaranjan                           b) Hubli 

c) Perambur                              d) Veranasi

4. The first railway line in India was started in the year

a) 1850                                  b) 1853

c) 1840                                  d) 1890

5. Diesel locomotives are built in 

a) Bangalore                            b) Varanasi 

c) Perambur                             d) Hubli 

6. The first railway line in India was opened under the Governor Generalship of

a) Lord Rippon                 b) Lord Dalhousie 

c) Lord Bentinck              d) Lord Cornwallis

7. The headquarters of the South-Central Railway zone are located in 

a) Kolkata                            b) Secunderabad

c) Hyderabad                        d) Gorakhpur \

8. The Headquarters of the North-Eastern Railway zone are located at

a) Gorakhpur                        b) Lucknow

c) Allahabad                         d) Moradabad

9. The largest Railways Zone in terms of route kilometerage is 

a) Central                         b) Northern

c) Western                        d) South Central

10. The first locomotive in India was produced at Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. In which year was it produced?

a) 1960-61                                  b) 1950-51

c) 1951-52                                  d) 1961-62 

11. Which among the following is the fastest train in the country?

a) Taj Express                              b) Shatabdi Exspress

c) Rajdhani Express                     d) G.T. Express 

12. Which among the following trains covers the longest route in the country

a) G.T. Express

b) Guwahati - Trivandrum Express

c) Karnataka Express

d) Gorakhpur - Cochi Express

13. Pearl City Express train runs between

a) Delhi-Udaipur                    b) Chennai-Tuticorin

c) Delhi-Jodhpur                    d) Chennai-Bangalore

14. The Chetak Express runs between

a) Delhi-Udaipur                   b) New Delhi-Indore

c) Delhi-Jaipur                     d) Jodhpur-Delhi

15. Since 1950-51 the annual growth rate the Indian Railways have recorded in terms of freight traffic is approximately 

a) 3%                            b) 4 %

c) 4.3%                         d) 6%

16. Railway finance separated from general revenues in the year

a) 1924-25                            b) 1930-31

c) 1950-51                            d) 1951-52

16. Railway finance separated from general revenues in the year

a) 1924-25                                      b) 1930-31

c) 1950-51                                      d) 1951-52

17. What is the maximum speed touched by the fastest train in Indian?

 a) 120 km/h                             b) 130 km/h

c) 135 km/h                              d) 150/ km/h

18. Which among the following train passes through the maximum number of states.

a) Himgiri Express                   b) G.|T. Express

c) Shatabdi Express                  d) Karnataka Express

19. The Head Quarters of the Eastern Railways?

a) Bengalure                           b) Kokata

c) Mumbai                             d) Jabalpur

20. Which Railway route was first electrified in India

a) Delhi/Agra                          b) Calcutta/Patna

c) Mumbai/Pune                     d) None of these

21. Road network in India is spread to approximately 

a) 1,80000 km                          b) 18,00000 km 

c) 5,40000 km                          d) 90,000 km

22. The annual growth rate of road network in India is approximately?

a) 4%                            b) 4.5%

c) 6%                            d) 10.5%

23.What is the share of National Highways in India's total road traffic?

a) 30%                             b) 40%

c) 38%                             d) 42%

24. Which state has the largest road length in the country?

a) Madhya Pradesh                      b) Maharashtra

c) Andhra Pradesh                       d) Punjab

25. The National Highways constitute nearly.........% of the total road length in the country?

a) 2%                                                 b) 3%

c) 4%                                                 d) 6%

26. Nearly......Percent of villages in India are connected with all-weather roads

a) 35%                                       b) 56%

c) 41%                                       d) 45%

27. Almost all the villages in are-connected by all-weather roads

a) Haryana                        b) Kerala

c) Punjab                         d) Gujarat

28. The 'Grand Trunk Road' connects

a) Kolkata and Mumbai

b) Delhi and Chennai

c) Kolkata and Amritsar  

d) Tirupati and Ludhiana

Answers:- 1. c)  2. c)  3.  c)  4. b)  5. b)  6. b)  7 b)  8. a)  9. b)  10. b)  11. b)  12. b)  13. b)  14. a)  15. c)  16. a)  17. d)  18. a)  19. b)  20. c)  21. b)  22. b)  23. b)  24. b)  25. a)  26. c)  27. b)  28. c) 


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