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1. The first recorded ancient Olympics was held in

a) 700 BC                              b) 776 BC

c) 310 BC                              d) 450 BC

2. Who started the ancient Olympic Games?

a) The Romans                     b) The Greeks

c) The Egyptians                  d) None of these

3. Who is said to be the father of Modern Olympics?

a) Robert Dover                   b) Pierre de Coubertin

c) Theodosius I                    d) Ernest Curits

4. In which year did the first modern Olympic Game take place?

a) 1908                                  b) 1904

c) 1896                                  d) 1895

5. The Symbol of the Summer Olympic Games comprises

a) Five rings of the same colour

b) Five rings of the different colours

c) Four blue rings

d) Four rings of the different colours

6. The Summer Olympic Games are normally held at intervals of

a) 2 years                        b) 3 years

c) 4 years                        d) 5 years

7. The Winter Olympic Games came into being in the year

a) 1908                                  b) 1912

c) 1916                                  d) 1924

8. The Commonwealth Games were earlier called

a) British Colonies Sports Festival

b) British Empire Sports Festival

c) Royal Colonial Games

d) None of the above

9. When did the first Commonwealth Games take place?

a) 1948                                b) 1930

c) 1934                                d) 1945

10. In which year were the first Asian Games held?

a) 1947                            b)1951

c) 1955                            d) 1958

11. Which among the following countries hosted the First Asian Games?

a) Indonesia                                   b) Former USSR

c) India                                          d) China

12. Which of the following games is Davis Cup associated with?

a) Volleyball                                  b) Badminton

c) Tennis                                       d) Handball

13. Ranji Trophy and Aga Khan Cup are associated with

a) Cricket and Football                           b) Cricket and Volleyball

c) Cricket and Hockey                            d) Badminton and Hockey

14. Which game is associated with the Durand Cup?

a) Hockey                                b) Football

c) Badminton                          d) Golf

15. The term 'Butterfly' stroke in sports in associated with 

a) Basketball                         b) Swimming

c) Rowing                            d) Golf

16. Santosh Trophy' is associated with which of the following sports

a) Cricket                             b) Hockey

c) Football                           d) Table Tennis

17. India first took part in the olympic Games in the year

a) 1920                                      b) 1928

c) 1972                                     d) 1974

18. The headquarters of International Olympic Committee is at 

a) Lausanne (Switzerland)                 b) Moscow (Russia)

c) Los Angeles (U.S.A.)                    d) New York (U.S.A.)

19. 'Bishop' is related to which sports?

a) Golf                                     b) Tennis

c) Chess                                   d) Swimming

20. The Olympic Flag was created in

a) 1912                                    b) 1913

c) 1917                                    d) 1915

21. Winbledon open held in which country?

a) U.S.A.                                  b) France

c) Australia                              d) England

22. What is the Motto of '2012 London Olympic games'

a) Make Britain Proud                        b) One World-One London

c) One World - One Dream                d) Unity by the Movement

23. The 29th Summer Olympics will be the held in 2008 at Beijing (China). What is the Muscot of the games

a) Beibei                                b) Jingjing

c) Huanhuan                         d) Yingying

e) Ninin

a) A, B, C                              b) A, B, C, D, E

c) A, D, E                              d) A, B ,C, D

24. Beijing Olympic games Motto is?

a) One world - One Dream                

b) Make China Proud

c) Two Nations - One Country

d) Unity by the Movement

25. About India's performance which of the following is wrongly matched?

a) In 2006 Melboume 'Commonwealth' games India's place-Fourth

b) In 2006 Colombo 'SAF' games India's Place - First 

c) In 2006 Doha 'Asian' games India's place - Eighth

d) In 2006 Germany 'World Cup Hokey' India's place - Third

26. Who created the record of youngest Grand Master in the world and Second youngest in the history of the game?

a) Sergey Karjakin (Ukraine)                  b) Parimarjan Negi (India)

c) Sandipan Chanda (India)                    d) David Howell (England)

Answer:- 1. b)  2. b)  3. b)  4. c)  5. b)  6. c)  7. d)  8. b)  9. b)  10. b)  11. c)  12. c)  13. c)  14. b)  15. b)  16. c)  17. a)  18.  a)  19. c)  20. b)  21. d)  22. a)  23. b)  24. a)  25. d)  26. b)


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