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Races and Tribes

1. People of 'Bantu' family Inhabiting is South Africa are called as

a) Veddas                              b) Bindibu

c) Zulus                                d) Gaucho

2. Natives of the tundra region (very cold high latitude areas) in Canada and Greenland are called as ?

a) Eskimos                          b) Mulattos

c) Flemish                           d) Papuans

3. Inhabitants of Belgium are

a) Cossacks                         b) Flemish 

c) Samites                           d) Hamites

4. Of the following which is wrongly matched?

       Inhabitants                        Country

a) Croats                                   - Croatia

b) Moors                                   - Malaysia 

c) Magyars                                - Hungary

d) Cossacks                               - Southern and Eastern parts of Russia

5. 'Veddas' are the racial stock of 

a) South Africa                   b) Australia

c) Sri Lanka                        d) Hungary

6. Which of the following gourp inhabit in the parts of Kenya and Tanzania?

a) Afridis                               b) Swahili

c) Moors                                d) Masuds

7. People of the Asiatic Tundra ( Nortern Russia) are called

a) Samoyeds                           b) Mulattos 

c) Hamites                              d) Berbers

8. Red Indians are mainly found in 

a) North-Africa                    b) South-America

c) Canada                             d) North-America

9. Papuans Mainly Tribal in which country?

a) New Zealand                   b) New Guinea

c) Argentina                         d) Belgium

10. Mixed tribe of Arabs and Berber people of Morocco are called as?

a) Moors                           b) Masai

c) Magyars                        d) Mulattos

11. Massai ( They are generally cattle rearers) a  Negro tribe mainly found in?

a) Asiatic Tundra                      b) East Africa

c) Russia                                   d) Siberia

12. 'Maoris' are original inhabitants of 

a) Australia                      b) New Zealand 

c) Japan                            d) China

13. Which of the following Tribe found in East Africa?

a) Australia                       b) Afridis

c) Bindibu                         d) Finns

14. Kaffris (these people are considered a marital people) are mainly found in which country?

a) Former Yugoslavia                    b) Hungary

c) South Africa                              d) Morocco

15. 'Todas' Tribe are mainly found in which state?

a) Tamil Nadu                                b) Goa

c) Andhra Pardesh                         d) Chattisgarh

16. 'Afridis' are found in 

a) Iran                                      b) Pakistan

c) Tibet                                    d) Nepal

17. Of the following which is wrongly matched?

    Tribe/Race                              Found in

a) Uralis                                    - Kerala

b) Mina                                      - Rajasthan

c) Bhils                                      - Asom

d) Garos                                     - Meghalaya

18. Which of the following Tribal inhabitants of Kalahari Desert in Africa. (They are excellent Stalkers and Hunters)

a) Bushmen                          b) Bantus

c) Aborigines                       d) Kaffris

19. Which of the following Race are not found in Andaman Nicobar?

a) Shomens                            b) Sentinelese

c) Onges                                d) Gaddis

20. 'Santhals' are found in 

a) West Bengal                       b) Jharkhand

c) Orissa                                 d) All the above states

21. 'Moplahs' (a tribe in Muslims) are mainly found in which Indian state?

a) Sikkim                                b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Kerala                                 d) Bihar

22. Mathc the following

a) Lushias                                 1.Tripura

b) Lepchas                                2. Manipur

c) Kuki                                      3. Sikkim

d) Kota                                       4. Tamil Nadu

A B C D                                    A B C D 

a) 1 2 3 4                                   b) 1 3 2 4 

c) 4 3 2 1                                   d) 4 2 3 1

23. Jarawas are found in

a) Little Andaman                      b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Car Nicobar                            d) Kerala

24. Which of the following Tribe/Race found in Asom & Nagaland?

a) Angami                                  b) Ao

c) Nagas                                     d) All the above

25. Which is wrongly matched?

  Tribe/Race                        Found in 

a) Apatami                         - Arunachal Pradesh

b) Gaddis                           - Himachal Pradesh

c) Khasis                            - Orissa

d) Abors                             - Asom, Arunachal Pradesh

Answers:- 1. c)  2. a)  3. b)  4. b)  5. c)  6. b)  7. a)  8. d)  9. b)  10. a)  11. b)  12. b)  13. a)  14. c)  15. a)  16. b)  17. c)  18. a)  19. a)  20. d)  21. c)  22. b)  23. a)  24. d)  25. c)


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