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History (Set-1)

1. Who was the first secretary of state for India?

a) Hunter                               b) Macaulay

c) Charles wood                    d) Morley 

2. Jhansi and Gwalior were recovered by

a) Sleeman                            b) Watsan

c) Hugh Rose                        d) Campbell

3. Queen Victoria's were recovered by

a) 2nd May, 1845                        b) 1st Nov, 1858

c) 4th June, 1843                         d) 6th July, 1844

4. As per the Parliament  Act of 1858

a) East India Company was abolished

b) Redesignation of Governor General of India as Viceroy

c) Secretary of State for India was responsible for administration

d) All of the above

5. the Governor General who abolished the titles of Carnatic Nawab and Raja of Tanjore and refused pension to Nana Saheb.

a) Lord Dalhousie                                   b) Lord Minto

c) Lord Wellesley                                    d) Lord Bentinck 

6. Bahadur Shah was died in Rangoon in 

a) 1834                              b) 1862

c) 1843                              d) 1854

7. The viceroy who introduced Doctrine of Lapse

a) Lord Wellesley                            b) Lord Dalhousie

c) Lord Minto                                  d) Lord Canning

8. The revolt in Bareilly was led by

a) Bahadur Shah II                          b) Kunwar Singh

c) Khan Bahadur Khan                   d) All of the above

9. Who led the revolt in Lucknow?

a) Hazaeat Mahal                                 b) Ahmadullah

c) Suryasen                                           d) a) and b)    

10. The revolt in Jhansi was led by

a) Rani Laxmibai                               b) Bahadur Shah

c) Kunwar Singh                                d) All of the above

11. The great Kannada poet Ponna was in the court of

a) Dantidurga                             b) Krishna I

c) Dhruva                                   d) Krishna III

12. What was the period of rule of Dhruva?

a) 690-700                            b) 700-720

c) 720-760                            d) 780-792

13. Where did French establish their first settlement in 1668?

a) Surat                            b) Ahmadabad

c) Bombay                       d) Machilipatnam

14. Who established French East India Company in 1669?

a) Lali                                  b) Colbert

c) Job Charnock                  d) Bussi

15. Which of the following villages were amalgamated into Calcutta?

a) Suthanuthi                                b) Kalighata

c) Govindpur                                d) All of the above

16.Which of the following was got England King from Portuguese Dowry?

a) Madras                                    b) Calcutta

c) Machilipatnam                        d) Bombay

17. Were was St. George Fort Built in 1641?

a) Bombay                              b) Madras

c) Calcutta                               d) Surath

18. When Francis Day did have Madras from Chandragir Raja?

a) 1639                                     b) 1641

c) 1643                                     d) 1644

19. When British did establish their settlement in Surat?

a) 1615                                      b) 1616

c) 1617                                      d) 1618

20. Danes established their trading centers at

a) Tranquibar                            b) Srirampur

c) Tanjore                                  d) All of the above

21. Akbar conquered Kalinjar in 

a) 1560                              b) 1565

c) 1562                              d) 1569

22. Who was the guardian of Akbar ?

a) Bhairam Khan                    b) Khusru

c) Abdul Calif                        d) Adil Shah

23. When Ibadat Khana was built?

a) 1570                            b) 1580

c) 1575                            d) 1585

Answers:- 1. a)  2. c)  3. b)  4. d)  5.  a)  6. b)  7. b)  8. c)  9. d)  10. a)  11. d)  12. d)  13. a)  14. b)  15. d)  16. d)  17. b)  18. a)  19. b)  20. d)  21. d)  22. a)  23. c) 


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