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Heritages Sites, 7 Wonders & Phobias

1. ‘Great Pyramid’ of Egypt being of the seven wonders of Ancient is 137 meters heights. How many acres did is spread over ?

a) 10 acres b) 15 acres

c) 13 acres d) 11 acres

Answer c) 13 acres.

2. Where are the Hanging gardens built in 6th century B.C. by Nebujad Nejjar-2 ?

a) Bodylonia (Iraq) b) Babylonia (Iraq)

c) Alexandria (Egypt) d) Alexandria (Greece)

Answer a) Bodylonia (Iraq)

3. Where is the temple of Artemis (Diana)

a) Phidias b) William Hogarth

c) Sanjio Raffelle d) Paul Sejanne

Answer  a) Phidias

4. Which is the correctly matched pair of places once considered as seven wonders of ancient times ?

a) Alexandria light house –Egypt

b) Road Kollajus-Greece

c) Tomb of Mow Sollen-Turkey

d) All of Above

Answer  d) All of Above

5. If the diametre of ‘Pisa tower’ built in “Pisa” city of Italy is 15.5 metres, then what is its length?

a) 45 mts       b)55 mts

c) 35 mts      d)15 mts

Answer  b)55 mts

6. Which of the following places is correctly matched with wonders of the world?

a) Stone Heinz-Wilt shire (London)

b) Temple of carnik-Egypt

c) Vatican Palace-Rome (Italy)

d) All the above

Answer  d) All of Above

7. Which Among the following is not listed among the Seven Wonders of the World by Antipater?

a) The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

b) The Pharos of Alexandria

c) The Great Wall of China

d) The Colossus of Rhodes

Answer c) The Great Wall of China

8. What is the approximate length of the Great Wall of China?

a) 2000 km b) 2500 km

c) 3000 km d) 3460 km 

Answer d) 3460 km 

9. The Leaning Tower is located in 

a) Germany b) Italy

c) France d) Paris

Answer b) Italy

10. Which of the following Indian Sites are not listed in UNESCO World Heritage Centres?

a) Sun Temple (Konark)

b) Manasa Wildlife Sanctuary (Asom)

c) Buddhist Monument at Sanchi

d) Charminar at Hyderabad

Answer d) Charminar at Hyderabad

11. The only one Railway Station listed to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the World is that?

a) Kharagpur Railway Station (West Bengal)

b) Chhartrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai)

c) C.N. Annadurai Railway Station (Chennai)

d) Lokamanya Tilak Terminus (Pune)

Answer b) Chhartrapati Shivaji Terminus (Mumbai)

12. Which of the following sites recently joined in UNCSCO World Heritage Sites list?

a) Jantar Mantar (Jaipur)

b) Matharan Railway

c) Desert National Park

d) All the above

Answer d) All the above

13. Which Inidan Sites ( in 2006) removed from UNESCO Heritage list?

a) Group of Monuments at Hampi

b) Group of Monuments at Pattadakal

c) Great living Chola Temples

d) Taj Mahal, Agra

Answer a) Group of Monuments at Hampi

14. ‘Colosseum’ which was the Seven wonders of the middle age which is located at?

a) Rome          b) Paris

c) Olympis d) Alexandria

Answer a) Rome  

15. Which of the following is wrongly matched?

7 Natural Wonders         Located at

a) The Grand Canyon - Arizona

b) Iguassus Falls - Argentina

c) The Northern lights - Canada & Alaska

d) Yosemite Valley - China

Answer d) Yosemite Valley - China

16. “The Empire States Building” Which is in ‘Seven Wonders of Today’ that located at?

a) New York b) Washington

c) Istanbul d) Paris

Answer a) New York

17. ‘Hagia Sophia’ located at?

a) Alexandria b) Babylon

c) Istanbul d) Egypt

Answer c) Istanbul

18. The fear of ‘Insects’ is called as Which Phobia?

a) Anthophobia b) Entomophobia

c) Ecelesiophobia d) Dromophobia

Answer b) Entomophobia

19. Of the following Phobia which is wrongly matched?

Fear of   Phobia

a) Water - Hydrophobia

b) Sunlight - Heliophobia

c) Sleep - Hypnophobia

d) Fish - Bathophobia

Answer d) Fish - Bathophobia

20. Fear of women is called as ‘Gynephobia’ in the same way fear of children is called as?

a) Chinophobia b) Androphobia

c) Paedophobia d) Ornithophobia

Answer c) Paedophobia

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